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Real Housewives of New York: Finale's What The Hell Moments S6 E20

"I'll hit the ceiling or else I'll tear up this town!"

“The Last Leg” or the last straw? Aviva cannot stand being called “fake” any longer, so she throws her leg across the table to make her point. You want fake? This is the only thing fake about me she tells her insensitive co-stars. And with that dramatic toss Aviva shows she has a leg up on everyone else! Warning: I am going to get all my leg and foot jokes in this blog!

Sonja hurt her ankle after being ditched by Harry. Ramona and Kristen show up and ask what happened. Sonja tells them Harry and LuAnn left the party together and got into a cab. She heard that LuAnn told him she was single. Sonja says she fell on the street chasing a cab. Boo Hoo Sonja is crying her eyes out over Harry. If it was me I’d be celebrating, but these women never do what I would do. Sonja is confused and in pain. Kristen is confused (what else is new?). Ramona is ranting (what else is new?). Sonja says Harry blew it the first time around with her and he is blowing it the second time too. (I’m not touching this line.) Then Sonja goes down the stairs with boots that have heels at least four inches high . . . Do I believe she hurt her foot? Is anything real on this show? Carole tweeted that Sonja twisted her ankle because she was drunk not chasing a cab. Now that I can believe! But maybe Sonja’s leg just wants to give Aviva’s leg a run for her money? Some people are so competitive!

"I wouldn't touch Harry with a 10 foot pole!"

And now LuAnn drops by Sonja’s. Really?  LuAnn takes a seat at the table with Sonja. Sonja accuses LuAnn of leaving the party with Harry. LuAnn says Harry left the party and followed the others, not her. LuAnn is angry that Sonja would accuse her of having anything to do with Harry. Lu says she wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole, been there done that. Sonja can’t stay mad at her especially not over Harry. Sonja really doesn’t seem that angry at all for all the crying she did a few minutes ago, but she wants Harry to do some explaining. Harry has to step up to the plate and start talking! Maybe he will put his Foot in his mouth?

Carole and Heather are shopping for bags and find one they love that costs $9,000. I think we refer to that as costing an “arm and a leg.” Very nice. Heather brings up Jax and his hearing issues. They got a second opinion from a doctor who said they probably won’t be able to reverse the hearing loss. It’s confusing when doctors have different opinions. Carole relates because she went to different doctors for her husband and says you just have to pick one doctor that you trust and listen to him. Jax feels his hearing is fine, so no surgery.

By the way I am skipping over the scenes with Kristen because they are really boring so check another blog if you are a fan of hers.

Sonja meets Harry for lunch. He wants to talk about what happened and move on. Sonja says he left her at the club and got in a cab with LuAnn. And, what’s worse is that it happened the same night he says he wants to commit to her, just minutes after he gave her the ring. Someone told him LuAnn was drinking and he shouldn’t let her leave alone. He says nothing happened. Sonja asks him how can he leave her at the party. He says it was stupid and he is sorry. Sonja says she was ready for a commitment, but he isn’t. She returns his ring and says “let’s keep things the way they were.” I guess Sonja isn’t going “commando” for Harry any time soon.

Next up are Carole’s apartment renovations. Heather and Kristen drop by and love it what she has done to it. Kristen likes the fact that there is no kitchen. Heather pops the champagne and Carole says she loves her apartment. And seriously, the apartment is stunning! Carole gets a text that Aviva is joining them at the Team Sonja party. Kristen says Aviva is an outsider at this point for not going to Montana. Heather and Carole aren’t thrilled with Aviva and her phobias. Carole intends to be politely rude. She feels when Aviva is gone it feels like a vacation. They all toast to their common dislike of Aviva. But what if Aviva was really sick and they are all kicking her when she is down? Will Aviva be able to go toe-to-toe with them about this?

Ramona and Carole are having a chat and Ramona tells her she dated Fabio. Then she brags about how she and Mario had instant chemistry and are still together. I think Ramona dated Pinot before dating Fabio and Mario.

Aviva clearly doesn't like where
 this dinner conversation is headed!

Team Sonja Party! LuAnn, Heather, Ramona, Carole, Kristen are all there. Carole says she doesn’t think she is on Team Sonja, but nevertheless she was invited. Sonja wants to celebrate how well things are going for her. Sonja makes her grand entrance. And then here comes Aviva, putting her best foot forward, is all dressed in red like a movie star from the old MGM movies. She says she came to support Sonja. Sonja wants to give a speech celebrating all the people there who help her develop her brand. But before Sonja opens her mouth, an obnoxious Ramona berates her for not saying hello to her friends first, after all, they have been there an hour. LuAnn keeps calling Sonja’s Team bizarre and laughing. Ramona says Sonja’s speech was a book and it made no sense at all. Ramona and Heather are saying Aviva is fake for not going to Montana and making up the whole asthma excuse. Aviva is upset because they are all avoiding her none of them ever asked her how she is feeling. Sonja isn’t too thrilled with some of “her friends” for laughing at her speech. Every one of the housewives is against Aviva, and Heather decides to confront her at the table. Aviva doesn’t understand what is happening at first, like she has been blindsided. Carole says she has been the most horrible person to everyone here. They accuse her of lying! Aviva has had it! Aviva screams my doctor must have lied to me.

The proof is in the x-ray!

Then Aviva whips out her x-rays to show them that either her asthma is real or her doctor is creating an elaborate lie. Aviva doesn’t want be called a liar. I think we have found Aviva’s “Achilles Heel!” Then, Aviva takes a jab at Carole’s writing. She feels this attack goes back to what she said about Carole’s book. Ramona thinks Aviva didn’t want to go to Montana because she didn’t want leave her husband. Aviva says that missing the trip was purely due to illness. Aviva tries to explain that the cause of her asthma is reflux and she had to eat differently to get better and lost ten pounds because of it. Aviva finds it very hurtful that no one believes her. Then Heather announces she wants to go home, this is all a waste of her time.

First it's on the table . . .

. . . then flung to the floor
The last time I saw it, it walked out the door.

Out with the leg! Somebody cue the DJ to play “Footloose!” Aviva takes off her leg and waves it yelling, “This is the only thing fake about me! Everything else is real, everything else! I am sick of it.” Aviva puts her foot down for the last time. She flings it on the table. And then, from the table, she flings it out to the floor. Everyone looks horrified. Aviva says Heather is very mean. Carole picks up the leg, returns it to Aviva and tells her she needs help. Then Carole quips you know what they say “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings or the skinny lady throws her leg.” You have to love Carole’s wit.

Carole retrieves the leg, 
while LuAnn is still in a tizzy.

That’s it for season 6 with a two part reunion show waiting in the wings. Will there be a season 7 for New York? I think Andy is working on it, but I did hear everyone was fired except Ramona, who will be full-time and Aviva, who will be part-time (which she pretty much was this season). I am not happy with this development. If I were Andy I would keep Heather, Carole, Aviva and LuAnn and add a couple of NEW drama divas. If you think you can do without Aviva, think again. She caused drama in every episode she was in, and all they did was talk about her in every episode that she went missing.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E19

Carole's stunning entrance to her 50th Party

“There’s Something About Harry” is tonight’s episode, but frankly I have nothing nice to say about Harry. Nothing at all. I would have called this episode "There's Something About Carole's Party" because wait until you see all her "suggestions."

Heather is going to help Carole plan her 50th Birthday. She is working with Carole’s assistants. They need live butterflies for the center pieces. And, Carole also wants one of the old chandeliers, from her apartment, moved to the venue of the party. She also wants a man walking an invisible dog, a harvest moon in the trees, pistols, 5,000 white rose flower petals, polished apples, headless mannequins, 1,000 white lights in the trees . . . and who the hell knows what else! However, she makes it clear she doesn’t want Aviva.

Sonia and Harry discuss their relationship and where it’s going . . . probably to hell in a picnic basket.

Kristin is ready with the tissues!

Kristen and Josh are seeing someone about their issues with tissues. Dr. Ryan (will have his hands) Fuller with these two. He looks too young to solve their problems. Geez if  Commando Sonja was there she would be making the moves on the young doctor and say adios to Harry. Josh says Kristen picks arguments on small things, minute details that don’t matter. Kristen always feels she is on the back burner in Josh’s life and that work always comes first. Kristen feels she supports Josh with his work. Kristen thinks they made progress and that Josh is going to change . .  excuse me while I die laughing.

I refuse to comment about Ramona and Avery packing 20 pairs of shoes for college. Naturally Avery is a mini-me diva of her mother and that is too much for me to take.

Another positive scene cut short for fabricated drama

Aviva is in the designer fake leg store. Aviva is helping a lady who needs a leg. Why can’t we see more scenes like this? Something positive that could actually help and encourage others with similar disabilities? God forbid we spend a little time on these shows to help make the world a better place.

Sonja needs some guidance concerning her relationship with Harry and she gets a tarot card reader, Thomas John, to tell her what she needs to know. He tells her there is a devil in her inner circle, a woman who is very deceptive. It’s a brunette, but her name is not Carole. Hmmm. Could it be LuAnn? LuAnn seems to think that is where this is going from her tweets.

Oh my God! I can't have a snake handler? Carole will kill me!

Back to Heather and her planning. It got too be too much for even her to carry out, so she hired a party planner. Carole knows she can trust Heather to do a great job and if she can‘t, she will get someone who can. Carole pops in to see the progress and help out. But Carole finds lots of fault with things, the details aren’t quite right. Heather tells her there will be no snake handler because Dept of Health won’t allow it in a place where food is being served. Carole is disappointed to say the least. What is a party without a snake handler? Meanwhile Carole decides things are going so smoothly she is going for a manicure. The theme of this party? Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It’s interesting.

The party is beautiful. Most of the people are dressed as evil (black) with a few decked out in white (good). There are dead butterflies floating in the centerpiece bowls, how chic. LuAnn says she and Jacques broke up and she is pretty sad and cries. Ramona, upon hearing the news, is crass and obnoxious as usual. This woman doesn’t have a caring bone in her body. Finally Carole arrives. She feels sexy and empowered and strong. She is dressed all in red! Carole and Kristen are supportive of Lu.

Heather joins the pity party for LuAnn. Lu feels a huge void in her life right now. She cries. Carole says it’s her party and she can cry if she wants to (how clever). Heather says she has a very good little toast prepared. Harry is making moves on Sonja. He wants to take their relationship to another level, he is serious about her, and he gives her a ring to show how much he cares for her. Sonja falls for it. Here comes the toast! It’s an email Carole sent Heather about what she doesn’t want to have included the toast. So bff Heather reads the entire email as her toast with everything that Carole didn’t want said. Sonja has a fit when she finds out Lu broke up with Jacques. She is the last to know. Sonja finds a way to make Lu’s breakup all about her. What can I say?

Lu Ann and Heather seem to be the entertainment and Ramona does nothing but complain again. I think they were drunk. By the way, it’s too bad Aviva wasn’t invited to this party because it was boring.

A cozy Lu and Harry disappear from the party!

Out comes the cake. Carole thought the party turned out perfectly. Sonja tells Ramona that Harry just gave her a ring. Ramona wants the details. Ramona wants to know if she is happy. Sonja tells her she put the ring in her purse. Ramona says that’s not a good sign. Sonja wants to leave and she is looking for Harry. Uh oh. It seems that Harry left with LuAnn without saying a word. To be continued . . . In next week’s finale, Thank God!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen and Carla Partay!

Look what I found on Twitter!

That's Right! Karen Gravano and Carla Facciolo, the "Original Girls" of Mob Wives, were out on the town getting "crunk" and having a ton of fun. Seeing this picture only made me realize how much I miss the show's original cast. The other day I made an innocent comment to Karen and she replied:  

Next thing you know, pictures start popping up!

And these really take me back!

Both Karen and Carla had only nice things to say!

Seriously, I don't know what it all means. Maybe Karen was just in town on a project and decided to look up her old friends? It could be that simple. But damn it, I wish we had the old cast back for season 5! Why? Because the original girls know how to roll! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E18

"You're late, late late!" nags Kristen for more than half the show!
No wonder Josh doesn't come home.

“Something To Sing About” or not. Apparently we are going see LuAnn refuse to perform at open mic night, or will she?

Here we go. Heather and Kristin and their two husbands meet for dinner. They start off with a “bossy” discussion. This is called beating a dead horse. Heather and Josh agree on the demands of business and the crazy, unpredictable hours. Who cares? Kristin really wants her husband to “get” that he has a wife and family, and he needs to make time for them. He doesn’t get it.

Next! Ramona Mario and their daughter are around the piano. Ramona mentions open mic at Birdland. Mario is learning a new song, “Effortless,” written for him to sing for the occasion. Ramona says they are going to go because Mario loves to sing. They are going to ask LuAnn to go too. A guy is playing the piano and Mario sings. Well all I can say is I hope Mario doesn’t ever go on The Voice because he stinks. RHONY has officially run out of material for storylines!

Sonja interviews a new intern. She is a psychology major and Sonja doesn’t want to be analyzed. Too bad because Sonja’s behavior is worth putting under a microscope. Aviva pops up during the interview. Sonja has prepared a serene setting in the garden to deliver bad news to Aviva. Aviva is happy to see Sonja. Sonja tells her about Montana. In general they all got along really well, except for talking about Aviva the whole time. Aviva is shocked, but should she be? And then Sonja throws her best friend, aka BFF, Ramona under the bus saying she started the ball rolling on Aviva. Aviva asks if they were worried about her, but Sonja sets her straight. They thought she lied about asthma and the nebulizer was just a prop, all to get attention. Aviva says her lung capacity was under 50% and she couldn’t take the chance of being hospitalized. Aviva says she went to the Hamptons for two days knowing her doctor would be there. Aviva, somewhat outraged at their accusations, says maybe she is lying about her artificial leg to get attention too. Sonja wants to protect Aviva for some reason. I guess we will find out when the sh*t hit’s the fan in the finale (which I hope comes very soon).

RHONY milking Carole's book deal for all it's worth!

Carole’s turn at bat. Carole is still playing with her new book and is holding the UK copy which has a different cover. She has to make the audio version of her book. She is sending out galley copies to get a buzz going with some important people like Barbara Walters and Kelly Rippa. Not to mention, she gets a ton of free publicity on the show for everything little thing she does to it.

RHONY milking Sonja's ass
for all it's worth

Back to Ramona. She is meeting with a plastic surgeon. She wants to look good for open mic night . . . seriously? Ramona suddenly discovers that she enjoys Kristen and is taking her under “her wings.” The doctor is melting a layer of fat on Ramona’s stomach. They want Kristen to start botox, Kristen says no. Good for you Kristen! Then Sonja gets on the table and gets a little too graphic with her sexual moves and explanations. Where is that psychology intern when you need her?

Kristen decides to cook a meal for date night so Josh can’t say he doesn’t come home because there is never any food on the table. Kristen has no clue how to cook anything. She looks like it’s the first time she has been in her kitchen . . . or any kitchen for that matter. Josh was supposed to be home at 6 PM and it’s 6:30. She calls to confront him about it. He is on his way. He gets bent out of shape and yells at her that he had a conference call with six other people. Come on, it’s only 60 minutes anyway.

Sonja and Harry Dubin get together. They had a hot relationship 25 years ago until he chose another date on New Year’s Eve. They have a picnic in the park. She likes the way he smells when he sweats…too much information. Sonja appreciates the way Harry “gets” her when her girlfriends don‘t. Was this scene necessary? Harry will say or do anything to continue to be cast on the show.

Kristen and Josh continue their fight. Kristen is a whiny winge. Kristen’s potatoes are suffering. We are all suffering. She asks him to set the table, even though she had an extra 30 to 60 minutes to do it herself. He says he doesn’t mind eating out. Now he tells her! She could have just relaxed and waited for him to come home instead of trying to figure out how to cook. They sit down to eat and he thanks her for making the meal. But Kristen can’t let go of the fact that he was late. She is such a nag! No wonder poor Josh doesn’t want to come home. They agree to go to a mediator and Josh thinks the mediator will side with him.

LuAnn is taking professional pictures with Jacques and her dogs. She feels their relationship is in trouble. Perhaps this is a little foreshadowing, but too bad we already know they are no longer together.

Mario kills the song and
NOT in a good way!

Ramona is at open mic night at Birdland. Mario and Shane will be performing. Ramona calls them “my two husbands.” LuAnn is supposed to be singing with Heather as backup. Ramona thinks Heather sings better. Heather looks fantastic and she is a good sport. Sonja is also there, big surprise. LuAnn decides she doesn’t want to sing. Ramona doesn’t blame her, she knows she can’t sing and there is no autotune there. LuAnn doesn’t want to show up Mario, so she jokes. Lu thinks Ramona is teasing and bullying her and she is just there to support Mario. LuAnn tells Ramona she will sing if she wants to and, if she doesn’t want to, she won’t. Everyone thinks Ramona is being obnoxious, so what else is new? Lu is losing her patience with Ramona and her hurtful rudeness. The host announces Mario, who comes up to the stage. He sings a love ballad to Ramona (all the while isn‘t he having an affair with a young woman?). Sonja is nervous for Mario. She should be, Mario stinks. The song stinks. And Harry is stuffing his face with chicken like a caveman.

Heather belts out Bill Bailey, but
she is no superstar!

And next up to sing is Heather. Heather sings Bill Bailey. They think Heather sings great, like a superstar. I mean she sings pretty good, but a superstar? I guess they have very low standards. Don’t get me wrong. Heather was head and shoulders better than Mario . . . but even a howling dog could have beat Mario.

P.S. LuAnn tweets she did get up and sing “Big Spender,” but it was cut from the show. Good for you Lu!

Picture Credit: Bravo

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Real Housewives Of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E17

"Boo hoo. Heather is so mean 
and bossy and won't own it!"

“Bury The Hatchet” is the title of this episode, as Heather and Kristen continue to “fight” in Montana . . . but in whose back?

So we are stuck in Montana for another episode. Kristen is still pissed with Heather’s lack of cooperation and enthusiasm. Ramona is drowning her sorrows over being stuck in Montana with beer and snacks that she prepared for all the girls. LuAnn is dying for a cold beer too. But, in typical housewives drama, Kristen is off sulking by herself and whining. Carole goes to look for Kristen and check on her. Kristen is crying, boo hoo, boo hoo.  Heather tells the others that Kristen called her drunk, and Ramona, who has had a had a head start drinking, winds up on the floor laughing like a hyena. Carole counsels Kristen and tries to make her feel better, telling her not to take it personally. Kristen is happy with Carole’s advice. And why wouldn’t she be happy? Heather and Kristen have been friends for years. Are we really supposed to think they had this huge falling out for real, or is this “fight” a little something the producers concocted for our benefit? No wonder ratings are suffering.

LuAnn, Kristen and Heather are going “glamping” (glamorous camping). Ramona goes to get Sonja and finds her in bed, as usual, and not packed. Sonja says she can’t go, she says to tell the others she has asthma. Ramona doesn’t want to get Kristen pissed off. Sonja gets moving. Finally they all get to the pavillion in the woods. LuAnn wants glassware with stems. Two young guys are there to make sure they are comfortable. Heather corners Kristen and they start discussing the incident. As it gets heated, Kristen walks away to find her bedroom. They are all checking on the sleeping accommodations and decide who sleeps where. Ramona only cares about what kind of wine they have there. She needs wine to make things smoother for the group, or so she says. Ramona tells Kristin that she doesn’t take care of her guests and that she has been doing all the work and acting like the hostess. LuAnn isn’t happy with Ramona’s attitude and making Kristin feeling like crap. Heather shows up and she seems tipsy. They chat about who is bossy and who isn’t. Kristen then asks Heather if she is bossy and controlling with Carole?

"Okay, you got me. 
I am now and forever the Boss B*tch!"

And then Heather stand up and says I am now and forever “Boss B*tch!” Kristen keeps yelling that Heather is bossy and she should own it. She even tells her that she bosses her husband around. Heather gets offended and puts a stop to it. Carole says it’s insulting to judge someone else’s marriage. Carole says Kristen was getting herself in hot water at dinner. Ramona is starting to feel bad for Kristen and she takes Kristen off to the side to calm her down. Kristen is shocked to see Ramona on her side. Ramona also thinks Heather’s husband hides behind her, like he is afraid of his shadow. Too bad Heather didn’t hear that! Talk about throwing fuel on the fire!

It’s a new day! Everyone wakes up. Heather seems to have a hangover and says Kristen is mean and out of line. Meanwhile Kristen phones her husband outside the cabin and tells him what is going on. She tells him she told Heather she is bossy. Josh doesn’t think it’s a flaw, it’s just who she is. Carole says she is bossy on the inside and she jokes about bossing Heather around. Ramona and Sonja are in their bedroom trying to get ready for the rodeo. Big discussion on what jeans to wear. Such a dilemma! They finally all meet up and get in the car to head to the rodeo. There are 2 cars, so the groups are divided so that Heather and Kristen can each complain about the other. When they get there they find themselves all overdressed compared to the crowd. They find the roping of the calves exciting for some reason. They go to the port-a-potty and there is no toilet paper! Like a Seinfeld episode, “not a square to spare.” Kristen and Heather are stuck on a complaining broken record. Carole tells Kristen to apologize for talking about Heather’s marriage. Kristen doesn’t think she is at fault for speaking the truth and she feels she should get an apology. Back at the cabins, everyone freaks out, they think there is a bear in the woods. Turns out it’s a prank, it’s just Carole in a fur coat that she got on eBay for $600. Thank God someone has a sense of humor. I wish I had $600 to throw away on a prank.

The Tall Cowboy!

Last night at the ranch and Kristen has arranged a nice dinner. Kristen is upset over her fight with Heather. She doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. Kristen thinks they will chat at dinner and get over it. They pile into an open wagon and head off to their final dinner. It reminds me of Little House On The Prairie. There is a very, very tall cowboy to meet them at their destination. They are all amazed like they never saw a very tall man before. How fake is that? Kristen managed to invite a bunch of cowboys to their dinner to liven things up. This is right up Sonja’s alley. She immediately digs her boot heels in and rounds them all up for herself. I was waiting for her to hog tie them so they couldn’t get away. The rest of them throw hatchets at a target and Heather hits the bullseye. Everyone loves throwing sharp objects. The dinner is an outdoor BBQ. There is tension at the table and Ramona is acting as mediator, tells Kristen and Heather to talk and resolve their issues. Kristen gets up and asks Heather if she would like to go down to the river. Heather says she is scared. Kristen says she had a rough day to excuse her behavior. Heather says she shouldn’t have brought up her marriage. Kristen says she took it the wrong way. Heather tells her she is dramatic and she should be apologizing. Heather asks Kristen how does she think Jon would feel if he knew she said, at a table full of women, that she controls him. Kristen says she thinks he would agree. Wow. Then Kristen sort of apologizes. Heather accepts it and they patch it all up and hug. Kristen thinks they all had a pretty good time after all is said and done. They enjoy their last dinner. And they all live happily ever after . . . NOT!

Heather and Kristen sing "Kumbaya"

Now to go home and fill Aviva in on everything. I hope no one complains that Aviva didn’t go with them. Fake asthma or real asthma, I think she did the smartest thing not to go.

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E16

"Round in Circles" 
My Title of this episode

“Go Tell It On The Mountain” is the title of this week’s trip. Do we really need to tell these women where to go tell it? They live to spill their guts to each other, to the media, on Twitter . . . And everywhere else. Aviva has asthma and is medically forbidden to go on another trip. No planes and no horses for her.

Sonja complains to Carole that the girls cancelled their dinner reservations and they are stuck in the cabin. Henry shows up. He is a young ranch hand and Sonja checks out his ass and then mentions she has no underwear on. Someone needs to send Sonja for counseling. She is always preying on young men. Ramona is running amok complaining that there is no air conditioning in the cabin. Without AC Ramona will self-combust from menopause. Ramona has never gone fly fishing and is going to try it. Her enthusiasm is underwhelming. At the other cabin Kristen, LuAnn  and Heather are getting ready to go fly fishing with their bandanas. All the women are in the cold water when Sonja blurts out that any leftover eggs she may have left are now frozen. Heather caught a fish, but he got away three times. They start arguing whether they should have dinner with the chef the ranch hired or at a restaurant. You know damn well they will be eating with the chef. Ramona complains about the service and how Kristen is a bad hostess and didn’t make sure everyone had everything they need. Ramona wouldn’t be happy if she was eating at the Taj Mahal, had a Prince wait hand and foot on her and fill his swimming pool with Pinot.

The chef is preparing a great meal and all the ladies sit at the table. LuAnn says “Sonja seems to have a stick up her ass . . . Correction, it’s the whole tree.” LuAnn confronts Sonja about what the facialist said about her. Lu is still offended. Kristen keeps saying it was funny. Ramona says that Aviva made the asthma happen because she didn’t want to be away from Reid. Carole says she has Munchausen Syndrome, she creates illnesses for attention. Ramona wants to call Aviva. LuAnn is so fed up and angry with Sonja for not throwing her facialist out of her apartment for dissing her friends. Sonja yells it wasn’t what she said, she was just repeating what the community is saying about LuAnn. Sonja calls LuAnn a pig. Heather is offended and Carole gets a headache. Ramona and Kristen walk away with LuAnn to calm her down. Kristen is on Sonja’s side, she thinks the whole affair was funny.  So they never even get to eat! Can I have that chef prepared meal to go?

Somehow Sonja, Ramona and Heather wind up at an outdoor spa, under tents, for massages; while Carole, LuAnn and Kristen take a hike. LuAnn drones on about Sonja not having her back and not understanding how she feels. Kristen tries to make excuses for Sonja that maybe all her problems are causing her embarrassment and she is pushing her friends away. Carole thinks LuAnn is more sensitive than she appears and Sonja should know that.

They get together to discuss what they are going to do in Montana. Kristen, Heather, and LuAnn are going rapelling . . . Jumping down a cliff. They have a guide/instructor. Heather isn’t too enthused. Kristen seems to want to show off and goes first, but she is clearly nervous and freaking out because Heather keeps talking. The other three are going skeet shooting. First they apply sunscreen. Then they flirt with their hot cowboy, Paul. Now the shooting begins. Carole is worried about hitting a cow. She should be worried about Ramona or Sonja shooting her. Meanwhile Kristen is screaming down the mountain. Heather summed up Kristen’s intention beautifully, she wanted to prove something to Heather, that she could do this. Maybe Bravo Andy gave her a bonus? LuAnn goes down the mountain without half the screaming Kristen did. LuAnn deserves a huge bonus! Heather just scoots down the mountain like Spiderman.

Now they all pee in the woods and luckily have toilet paper and squares to spare.

All six ladies meet up with cowboy, Paul. They decide to go “geocaching.” Ramona starts complaining she doesn’t want to do it and doesn’t even know what it’s called. They have to go on a trail and use a compass to find the “treasures.” Carole brought trinkets to leave behind for others to find, while Ramona is constantly complaining about the game and the whole trip. Kristen really wants to find something and is using her compass to go round in circles. Heather didn’t want to do it and she just checked out of the activity, which pissed off Kristen. Heather has joined Sonja and Ramona, maybe she is more than a little tipsy too. Kristen grabs Heather and that’s when Heather realizes Kristen doesn’t think she is being funny. They are all walking in circles and making me dizzy. Heather and Kristen are getting on each other’s nerves. Kristen says Heather is bossy. Heather says she is honest, she doesn’t feel like looking for a trinket that no one cares about. Heather says she has done everything asked of her. Kristen gets pissed and walks off.

Next week another week in Montana…somebody shoot me.

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E15

"I have a doctor's note, an inhaler and prescriptions here 
and you still don't believe me?"

“Ten Gallon Spats,” how clever is that for a title? NOT! I have to wonder if there will be another season of RHONY after watching this episode. Not only has nothing significant happened all season, with the possible exception of Book-Gate, but the cast is acting like a bunch of five year olds fighting at a playground. Let's retitle this "Five Year Old Squabbles."

Kristen talks the girls into going to an upscale dude ranch in Montana for Labor Day weekend, like they haven‘t had enough vacations. Carole says she called Russ about the rumor of his sleeping with Sonja. He says he loves her and he would never disrespect her like that. Ramona thinks this trip is “b o r i n g. It’s going to make the Berkshires look like a major city.” Aviva has moderate to severe asthma and she can’t fly because of the altitude and she is also allergic to horses, according to her doctor. Did he really test her for horse allergies out of the blue? Because last time I looked around NYC there weren’t many horses around. Anyway, long story short, she will be absent from this trip too. It’s really too bad because Aviva was looking forward to the trip and she doesn’t know what this medical condition is all about. She will be tested again in a couple of days. Guess what?  She still can’t go. Surprise, surprise.

Sonja has a cheap idea for a face lift, tape and string, to pull her face up. She says she would have not chosen Montana for a getaway, but she will make the best of it. Her intern sorts through her underwear to find the right ones for Montana. You have to set the mood with the lingerie, it’s the foundation, says Sonja, who likes to go commando.

Ramona and Kristen go shopping for riding boots. They also need chaps. Kristen is a size 10 and she wants the salesman to surprise her with a pair of boots. Ramona tells Kristen that Aviva has asthma. Kristen never heard that Aviva suffers from asthma before. She thinks Aviva is lying about having asthma so she can get out of going to Montana. Kristen calls Aviva out on the asthma. Aviva pulls out all her prescriptions and inhalers and says these must be fake then. The doctor told Aviva there is no question that the flight and animals will make it worse. Kristen wonders out loud that suddenly all Aviva’s phobias went away, so where did the asthma come from? Aviva, totally prepared for confrontation, whips out a doctor’s letter. Seriously, why does a grown woman bring a doctor’s letter to her “friends”?  Maybe Aviva is tired of being called a liar. Kristen says she doesn’t believe Aviva and she doesn’t know why, even with the letter. Kristen says Aviva’s health was perfect until she was invited to Montana! This really angers Aviva. Ramona watches the whole argument. Aviva wants Kristen to show some compassion. Aviva thinks Kristen is being very rude. Kristen says she can never go on any trip she always has an excuse. Here is the five year old version: “I’m sick.” “No you’re not.” Yes, I am.” “You are not!” “Am so!” You just don’t want to come with us!” “I do want to come, but I can’t” “No you don’t. You’re not sick, you don’t want to come.” “I do so, see my inhaler?” “Big deal, anyone can have an inhaler.” Etc, etc, etc

Holla Heather and Carole are excited about the trip to Montana. Heather is a tomboy. Carole likes adventures way more than cocktail parties. Carole thinks Aviva is allergic to fun. Heather thinks she exaggerates her small ailments not to have to go anywhere. If that’s how they feel shouldn’t they be glad Aviva is not going? I’m confused.

"I really wanted to go, but I just can't"

Aviva laments to Reid that she really wanted to go on this trip but now she has asthma. She really wanted to put the asthma aside and go on the trip. Reid says she can’t go, it’s out of the question, it would be irresponsible. Aviva agrees. Trip is out.

They take an open wagon to the cabins

Montana! Carole, Heather, LuAnn, Ramona, Sonja and Kristen get their luggage at the airport. They realize how few people are there, it’s just them and the mountains. Sonja calls it a ghost-town. There is a wheelchair waiting for Aviva. Then they all joke about Aviva having a wheelchair waiting for her at the airport. Heather finds is suspicious that Aviva isn’t going on any of the trips. They are in the middle of nowhere and they see the ranch. Kristen is wearing high heels, wrong shoes for a trip like this, but once a model, always a model. First the ranch receptionist hands them some huckleberry juice in a jar to welcome them. Then they get on an open wagon, like Little House on the Prairie, to go to their lodges. The Antler’s Cabin is for Kristen, LuAnn and Heather. The Beaver’s Cabin Sonja, Ramona and Carole (who graciously volunteered to stay with the drunken duo). They seem pleased with the accommodations.

Kristen tells them they are going to herd cattle, that’s the #1 thing to do in Montana. They all get on horses. There are cows everywhere. Ramona is disgusted because her horse is eating and she demands a new horse. She trades horses with LuAnn. They are actually pretty good at rounding up the cattle. They all had fun.

"I'm not your friend any more! Bye!"

The ladies are going out for the evening to the Ranch House Restaurant. There are horses and cattle outside the building. Ramona smells horse shit, she can’t eat. LuAnn asks Sonja to tell the stories the facialist recently told her and Kristen. Carole says the woman gossiped about Sonja and Russ having a fling. Carole says since Sonja didn’t deny it, she had to call Russ who denied it. Then there was the story she told of LuAnn dominating men. LuAnn is furious that Sonja didn’t throw the facialist out of her house for talking about her friends. They keep rehashing that bit of gossip, proving they all sure know how to beat a dead horse. LuAnn goes on and on about Sonja not firing her facialist over this gossip. Sonja says gossip been going on for centuries, gossip and hairdressers go together. LuAnn doesn’t think it’s funny. She is upset for Sonja for not getting that she is upset over this. Here’s the five year old version: “Your friend said something mean about me.” “No she didn’t.” “Yes, she did.” “No she didn’t, she was just joking.” “No she wasn’t.” “Yes she was.” “I’m mad at you!” “Why? I didn’t say anything.” “Yes you did.” “No I didn’t” “I’m not going to be your friend any more if you’re friends with her.” “I’m going commando!”

Can this show really be renewed for another season? What do you think?

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Following Your Dreams: Rachel Potter, Country Singer

Born in New Orleans, Rachel Potter has been singing since she was three years old. I first saw Rachel perform on The X Factor USA and I began rooting for her to win. She was amazing on the show, but unfortunately she was sent home way too early.

Rachel is a big believer in following her dreams. She puts her heart and soul into it. In fact her own quote says it all: "God doesn’t put dreams in people’s hearts if he doesn’t intend to make them a reality." Rachel has been working all her life towards this end and I really admire her for not giving up. Rachel started writing songs when she was just 12 years old and in 2010 released a 10 song album called "Come Back Home," of her original songs. She has performed in many venues, eventually getting the part of Wednesday Addams in a Broadway production of The Addams Family. Rachel currently lives in Nashville, where she is pursuing her dream of making country music and changing the world with her words.

Rachel is not sitting around waiting to be discovered. Currently she is working on her new album, “Not So Black and White,” as an independent artist. She has no record label to back her so she is asking fans to help fund her dream and make it a reality. In exchange, fans will get rewards based on the amount of their contribution. The list of rewards is quite extensive and Rachel’s dedication to her music career is equally impressive. If you are a fan of Rachel’s or country music in general and believe in people following dreams, you can help Rachel at the following website: There you can preorder her new album and so much more.

If you would like to learn more about Rachel Potter, check out her amazing website at If you have never seen or heard of Rachel yet, you definitely will. I have complete faith in her turning her dream into a reality. Meanwhile, here is a sample of Rachel Potter singing a country version of “Somebody To Love”at her X Factor audition. See if you don’t love her after watching this video! She gets a standing ovation!

You can watch many more videos @

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E14

Heather is sharing Aviva's sex text with the girls!

“Sex, Lies and Facials” sounds like an interesting title . . . Let’s see if it is!

We start at LuAnn’s rental in Saratoga. Sonja is leaving in Lu’s limo. Sonja is ranting to the limo driver who takes her bags and puts them in the car. Carole thinks Sonja is pissed because they won all the money at the track and she didn‘t. Sonja is wandering around outside and comes back when she realizes no one is coming out after her and frankly she is drunk. She goes on and on about being ditched and she will not listen to Heather’s version of the events, otherwise known as the truth. Sonja starts eating cheese and farting around the kitchen .. . Everyone leaves . . . Way to clear a room out.

Carolina Street. Music, dancing and drinking. Sonja is “tripolar” according to Carole. Sonja is acting the cougar, going up to guys and kissing them while guzzling more booze. Shouldn’t we have an intervention for Sonja already? It takes a village to keep and eye on Sonja!

Next stop West 41st Street in Manhattan. Ramona and Avery are in the city. Ramona arranged for a driving instructor to give Avery a lesson there to be sure she knows how to drive everywhere. Avery parallel parks without a problem and Ramona is blown away. Then she tries it again and smacks the car behind her! Avery, Ramona and the instructor find funny. I am still trying to figure out why? I hope it was Ramona’s car.

Back to LuAnn and her charity event for breast cancer. The event is going to raise money by selling dresses. Kristen is modeling the dresses. Aviva drops by and Ramona looks surprised. Aviva was very shocked to see Miss USA there. Apparently George told Aviva that he and his girlfriend spent the night together with Miss USA.  WHAT???

Miss USA getting third degree by the Ramona Gossip Police

Aviva is seated next to Ramona for some brilliant reason. Maybe this is LuAnn’s idea of humor? LuAnn introduces her co-host from Hollywood Life. Heather gets a hilarious text from Aviva and starts laughing during a serious speech being made. Then Ramona and the others girls read the text and all start laughing. LuAnn is not pleased at their rude behavior. LuAnn introduces the “long dress” for bidding, and out comes a mystery guest wearing it. Carole and Aviva start bidding and it turns in to a competition. Carole says it’s win-win, Aviva overpays for the dress and can’t return it and the charity made more money. The mystery guest is an old RHONY, Kelly Bensimon. Sonja is starving. Aviva tells a story about Miss USA that George told her, which is hard to believe. Aviva makes George swear on her good leg that it’s the truth and says he is not a liar. Seriously, George is not a liar? Oh well. LuAnn is upset with Aviva for bringing up the Miss USA story. Carole, who doesn’t get sucked into any drama, is enjoying Kelly, it’s a nice change of pace. LuAnn is disappointed at Aviva’s behavior, it was shocking. Ramona, who has no class or tact, approaches Miss USA and drills her about her stay at Aviva’s. She interrogates her about what time she came, when she left and everything in between. Ramona tells her George is saying she stayed over his house. She laughs and denies it and thinks it’s funny. I think Miss USA wanted some television air time and went along with Bravo producers, to create yet another fabricated and totally unbelievable story, to get it.

Sonja is bragging to her intern about her sexcapades. She calls it a victory lap, some might call it the walk of shame. I call it sleazy and disgusting. It’s one thing to sleep around and another to brag about it constantly. Kristen comes over for a facial and Sonja says she is calling the guy from last night back after she leaves. The person giving the facials says LuAnn likes short French guys with fake French accents and she does whatever she wants. She likes to be in charge in bed, that’s why she likes short men. Sonja and Kristen find this hilarious. Sonja says that Russ, Carole’s ex, slept with her at St. Barth’s. Please! No one is going to believe Russ slept with Sonja. He was devoted to Carole at the time and barely had enough time to spend with her. Sonja is really making me sick.

LuAnn and Carole chat. LuAnn thinks Aviva invited Miss USA to the charity event, no one else knew her. Carole thinks Aviva creates all that sex talk to make herself more interesting. Kristen meets up with them. She tells them about her facial at Sonja’s. She fills them in on what the woman said. LuAnn laughs. All her men were tall, there was nothing small about Jacques. The woman said LuAnn cheated on Jacques and that makes LuAnn mad. Then Kristen tells them that Russ slept with Sonja while he was still with Carole. Carole says Sonja has an insatiable need for attention and doesn’t believe it. This show has slipped so far from “reality” it’s not funny.

Are you calling me a liar?
Am I my father's keeper?
It's a free country, I can text about my dad's sexcapades!
Who are you to talk? Your daughter makes art about sex!
Poor LuAnn doesn't have a prayer for a rational conversation.

Aviva is decorating her house with art and has invited the girls over to see some of the art. She wants her apartment to feature emerging artists, and that includes Lu’s daughter, Victoria. Kristen doesn’t get the point of this get together. Neither do I Kristen, but soon we will see what the producers have in mind. Aviva says she wants them all to discuss the artwork. Kristen is still confused and so am I. Ramona isn’t happy to be at Aviva’s, their history stinks and then add her experiences with George to top it off. So why does Ramona keep showing up? Kristen says the art is interesting, but there is no Elvis art so she can’t get into it. LuAnn is done with Aviva, she says she 100% crossed the line. Sonja is also there, probably to drink at the bar and snag a man. Aviva thinks all the girls are getting along and there is going to be no drama. Aviva must believe in fairy tales too. LuAnn is dying to see Victoria’s piece. Now, Lu takes the opportunity to talk to Aviva and asks her if she invited Miss USA to her event. Aviva says no. Lu doesn't believe her. Aviva says she is not a liar. Lu says she wouldn’t have thought of it except for Aviva's text message saying her father had a threesome with Miss USA. Aviva swears she did not invite that woman to her event. It makes no sense. Aviva gets her dander up because she doesn’t want to be called a liar. Aviva claims she was shocked when Miss USA walked in. Lu says she should be disgusted by her father’s actions, it’s gross. Aviva says she isn’t responsible for her father. Oh no . . . Aviva says LuAnn’s daughter is making art about sex. LuAnn is losing her patience and her mind trying to talk to Aviva. This conversation ends badly. Heather and LuAnn agree Aviva is a liar. Aviva said it was ok to share the text, and Heather did ask first. Then Aviva told everyone to check their text. It is a little sick that Aviva texts about her father’s threesomes anyway, don’t you think? She should stay totally out of his "affairs" and, at the very least, not broadcast them.

Now for a recap, let's get this all straight okay?

It's about the fact I didn't use a ghostwriter!
It's about calling me a liar!
It's about Carole insulting my writing!
It's about my NOT inviting Miss USA to your event!
It's about my giving Heather permission to share my sex text
about my Dad's menage a trois with everyone!
It's about the fact I am not my father's keeper, I just humor him.
It's about the sex in Victoria's art!
Get the f*ck off my back, B*tch!

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Monday, June 9, 2014

Following Your Dreams: Olivia Henken, Country Singer

I first saw Olivia Henken on Season 5 of The Voice. There is always a lot of great talent on that show, but for me Olivia stood out from the crowd. She is beautiful, has an effervescent personality and her talent is off the charts. I was rooting for her to win so she could more easily pursue her dream of being a country singer with help from the show. Unfortunately, Olivia went home much too early, but not before making a fan out of me.

Olivia Henken was born and raised in Kentucky. She has been singing practically since she learned to talk. You can tell that singing comes very naturally to her and this is what she was born to do. After The Voice she went back home to work in her family’s tax preparation business. I would see her tweet about it and hoped this was just a temporary job until she figured out what she was going to go next in her career. Before appearing on The Voice, Olivia recorded a great country album titled “The Ride.” Recently, Olivia moved to Nashville to pursue her dream. 

While on The Voice, Olivia sang one of Carrie Underwood’s hits, “Two Black Cadillacs.” I have to tell you I have been a huge Carrie fan from the moment she auditioned on American Idol. I was a little nervous when I heard that Olivia was going to try and sing a song that was so popular and classically Carrie. I watched her performance with a very critical eye to see if Olivia would disappoint me. I even closed my eyes to listen to her rendition so I could focus just on her voice. I have to say, I was very happy with Olivia’s version of the song. She sang it flawlessly. I could easily see she was in Carrie league. I don’t say that lightly either. 

I think it’s fantastic that Olivia is going after her dream and I wish her the very best of luck. You can learn more about Olivia on her website and you can follow her on Twitter @oliviahenken. If you want to sample the songs on “The Ride” album you can preview and buy it on itunes

Meanwhile, here is Olivia’s cover of “Two Black Cadillacs.” What do you think of her audition?