Friday, April 17, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang Thanks Fans, Shares News

Big Ang took to social media last night to thank fans for all their love, support and prayers through this very difficult time in her life. Ang still has a long road ahead with more testing, treatment and it's being reported she will need additional surgery to remove lymph nodes on the right side of her throat. Meanwhile, Ang has shared some wonderful news which is keeping her spirits up. She has a new grandson to spoil. The baby is the son of her son, AJ and his wife, Gab.

We continue to wish Ang well and send prayers for the next phase of her treatment. Congratulations to the proud parents and grandmother of little RJ. May God be watching down on all of them and keep them in His care.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang Home & Resting

Big Ang with her new Gucci Bag from Jenn Graziano

Ang's friend, Vinnie Medugno reports that Ang is now at home and resting  and still thinking of her fans throughout this whole ordeal. We continue to wish Ang the best during her therapy sessions and treatment and hope she has a speedy recovery. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang's Surgery & Post Op Report

Big Ang main
Our beloved Big Ang

The fights Big Ang has had to deal with on Mob Wives is nothing compared to what she has gone through the past two weeks. In fact, she has been in the fight of her life. After experiencing throat pain, Big Ang went to seek medical care only to discover doctors found a "lemon-sized" tumor in her throat. Further tests revealed that the tumor was cancerous and needed to be removed. The surgery was performed this past Tuesday. The tumor was found to be larger than expected, reportedly the size of a grapefruit, and took eight hours to remove. The doctors also removed a few lymph nodes as a precaution and for biopsy testing. Fortunately, doctors did not have to touch the voice box. Ang will need to rest her voice for three days and then should be able to speak normally. She will also be getting physical therapy while at the hospital, where she will remain for a few days. Ang is expected to recover in about two weeks. Doctors are optimistic and the surgery itself was a success.

Still to be determined is whether or not the cancer has spread to other parts of her body (metastasis). For this, PET scan testing will be required. A PET scan requires the patient to have a radioactive substance given through an IV, which is called a tracer. The tracer travels through the blood to all the organs of the body and collects there. That process takes about an hour. Then the 3D scan is performed. The scan can determine if any other areas of the body have been affected by the disease. This information is important to know before doctors begin a treatment plan that may involve chemotherapy, radiation or both. Hopefully, the  PET scan results will be negative.

We will continue to pray and send positive thoughts to Big Ang and wish her a speedy recovery.

If you wish to send Big Ang get well wishes or cards, you can do so by writing to: Country Mouse, 570 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, N.Y. 10310

UPDATEs: Ang's friend, Vinnie, went to visit her at the hospital and updates fans.

And Jennifer Graziano brings back news of Ang, who happens to look great!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen Gravano Redefined!

Karen opens a new door!

Karen has an extensive background in skin care. Tonight she made an exciting announcement on Twitter. Karen is partnering with dermatologists Rodan and Fields, who created the well known PROACTIV product line. Subsequently they also created an anti-aging product line called Redefine. Congratulations to Karen on her new business venture! Here is her announcement and I'm sure there will be more information forth coming. 

Mob Wives: Big Ang Discusses Her Condition

Big Ang sporting her new hair style and color

Earlier today, TMZ and other media outlets were reporting on Big Ang's medical condition. They were saying that Ang was having surgery on a lemon size tumor found in her throat which was causing her pain. We decided not to invade Big Ang's privacy as neither the cast, nor her family were discussing it on twitter. However, moments ago, Big Ang made her own statement to fans apologizing for not being the one to release the information to her fans. She went on to give the actual details of what exactly is going on at the moment. Her comment is a far cry from what was being reported earlier. Here is her statement. We are keeping Ang in our prayers and sending positive thoughts her way for a full and speedy recovery.

UPDATE: April 3rdTMZ (link) has been speaking to Janine Detore, Big Ang's sister, who says doctors have determined the tumor is cancerous and they are running further tests to see if it has spread. Surgery to remove the tumor has been scheduled for next week. Ang issued her statement last night after getting home from being tested and seemed to be downplaying the situation until she has more information. Janine, on the other hand, seems to be saying Ang's condition is serious. We will continue to keep Ang in our thoughts and prayers.

P.S. Family says Anyone who wants to send get well cards to Big Ang can send them to: Country Mouse at 570 Forest Ave., Staten Island, NY 10310

UPDATE 2: Big Ang has issue another statement on her facebook page to fans:

Big Ang out with friends on Saturday, April 4rd.

Saturday, April 4th

UPDATE 3: Tuesday, April 7th. Big Ang's surgery is being performed today. Her sister, Janine, Leaves this message in Instagram:

Janine Detore:
As I stand behind you in this pic I stand behind you in our day life as I always did & always have. You are my older sister my first friend my idol someone I always knew would make it ... You cannot & will not let me down today I refuse you know me I will haunt you .... I love you we need you Mommy is with you I feel it today we are positive you got this you are strong & your grandchildren kids nieces nephews sisters brothers friends & all family member need you oooo & the fans too we love you #doodles #bigsis #lilsis #friendsforever

UPDATE 4: Tuesday, April 7th - 8:00 P. M. Ang's sister Janine reports:

UPDATE 5: Wednesday, April 8th, Renee gives update

Friday, March 27, 2015

Mob Wives: What's Left on the Cutting Room Floor?

The cutting room floor

For every episode we see, about 40 minutes of footage, there are hours of footage that just doesn't make it into the episode. It was said that it took 13 hours to film the Reunion Show just to get the 80 minutes we saw in both parts. I can't help but imagine all the things we didn't see. There must be enough footage to create a season 5.1 and at least a part 3 Reunion. What happens to all the "extra" footage? What aren't we seeing? That's what I want to know.

Of course, it's assumed that only the best scenes make it into any production and the worst scenes are cut. That's the whole point of taking extra footage and making sure you have more than enough to put a good show together. And, there are scenes that are planned and shot, but never make it into the show so they put them out as bonus clips. Usually, these bonus clips aren't very exciting anyway. I like to call them "filler" scenes meaning when they run out of the good stuff they insert a little scene where nothing really happens, but it fills in for any shortage of time for the episode.

Some of the edited footage will be saved to add to the season's DVDs to entice fans to purchase them and see what they missed. 

Now for a little fun with photos . . . Bring BACK the OGs!

Drita: "I wanna eat your face off!"

Carla: "A mothball? Seriously?"

Renee, always the Queen of hearts!

Karen, Times Square!

Enough said.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen's View on Gravano/Gotti History

In this clip Karen discusses her feelings concerning the history between the Gravanos and the Gottis and how she now looks at the situation that currently exists between their families. Karen feels she and Victoria Gotti were born into the lifestyle, it wasn't something they chose and they have both been affected by their father's choices in life. Karen sounds very sincere and i would love it if there could be a real sit down between these two women where they can find some closure and peace about the past.

Picture & Video Credit: VH1

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen & Ang On Carla & Drita's Friendship

Ang & Karen share their thoughts

Ever since Carla stepped through the door to Renee's Mob Candy first anniversary party inquiring minds have been wondering what the hell is going on. Carla and Drita were best friends, but Drita gives her a lukewarm welcome and then comes up with three excuses why she had to run off seconds later. First it was because her kids had school the next day, then she had to pack for vacation and finally Lee was outside waiting for her to take her on a date. Okay. Whatever. But in the confessional she says she and Carla aren't friends like "that" any more and talking to Carla is like talking to a mothball in her closet. There is definitely more to the story than Drita is saying.

Karen and Ang weigh in with their thoughts. Ang thinks Drita's life has changed since Lee came home and she isn't single any more. But, when Karen mentions Drita's comments, Ang is a little taken aback. There have been "hints and rumors" floating around that Drita sold out Karen, Ramona and Carla at the end of season three, but no one is addressing that for the moment (maybe a good story line for season six?). And finally, in my opinion, Karen hits the nail of the head best when she says it's really all about a person's definition and value of friendship. And from that I gather, Drita is not a loyal or trustworthy friend.

Picture and video credit: VH1

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6? What's in the Sauce?

What's in the sauce?
It ain't just meatballs!

While watching the Mob Wives Reunion Part 2, taking notes and trying my best to tweet, I caught a glimpse of a tweet Mob Mistress posted. I got a big laugh out of it considering all the non-stop drama we had in season five that continued on the reunion and overflowed on to twitter. Here is the secret ingredient that Mob Mistress thinks has been added to the traditional Sunday sauce recipe:

and that sums up the explosive season 5 drama
in a bullet shell

Now what? There is no word on a season 6 at all. I'm waiting for VH1 or Jennifer Graziano to leak something. Are they trying to decide on a season 6? Are they holding off until they figure out who will be in the cast? Are they trying to envision possible storylines that will bring the show back to New York wives who have history and legitimate mob ties? Who knows? But my imagination is going a little crazy imagining the possibilities. 

First of all, no more Philly chicks and no more tapes. What is recorded in Philly should stay in Philly. Let them go get their own show if they want to air their dirty laundry. "Philly Wives, Lies and Videotapes." By the way, Pennsylvania is a two party consent state when it comes to recording people, so if you don't tell them you are taping, it's illegal. Now you can call me a rat. 

Drita says she will not be back, she apparently has her own show. Speculating about that show is for another blog. Let's say she returns full-time or makes guest appearances. Carla has a real beef to settle with her. This blogger has been harsh on Carla, but I am very sympathetic to her situation. Who among us has not had a close friend betray us for no reason? Someone who you spoke to regularly and suddenly talked to you less and less while they distanced themselves? Someone who you have stood by and helped, shared meals and personal thoughts and feelings. We saw the friendship play out on the show and off the show. Then it ended. No reason given. "We aren't friends like that any more . . . she's like talking to a mothball in my closet." Carla needs to have her say. If Drita doesn't want to face the music, then Carla will have something to talk about to the others. P.S. Carla can use some of her soaps to wash her hands of Drita!

Oh and there is another beef Karen was trying to get out in the Reunion Part 2, the "elephant in the room" that we have blogged about before. Drita "sold out" Carla, Ramona and Karen at the end of season three. From what I have gathered, the four of them had a packed not to do the show unless they all got a raise. Three of them kept their word and one did not. Fans of Drita defend her saying she had her family to feed. They don't seem to extend that same consideration to the other three ladies. So we would like Ramona to come back and all three ladies need to have a little sit down with Drita. Do I think that will happen? Absolutely not. One "red-eye" for Drita was enough.

Karen also has a beef with Alicia, but Alicia does not want to meet up with Karen on the show and talk truth. I'm sure if she had been open to it we would have seen that unfold this season. Instead, Karen had to explain her side in bits and pieces on the Reunion Part 1, about two years after Alicia ran her mouth on season four. I guess Alicia is okay with that? I'm not. I want to hear the whole story, in Karen's words, uninterrupted.

Karen has said she would like to sit down and talk to Victoria Gotti. Considering the long mob history between the Gottis and the Gravanos, this story line would be epic and probably make history in and of itself. Can they get Victoria Gotti to agree to come on the show and have this conversation? We'll see. Maybe they two mob daughters will get some closure from such an experience.

Renee and Carla made up for the sake of their very long friendship. I would like to see more of them rebuilding their friendship as in new season, new beginnings. Maybe they can figure out why Drita was clearly upset that the two of them are not only friends but "kissin' cousins?" Well Drita never did understand the meaning of a real friendship anyway. Karen reached out to her several times in season one and it was like talking to a brick wall. Drita's stance is that when Karen moved to Arizona they stopped being friends. And when Carla was no longer on Mob Wives, they stopped being friends. Hmmm, I am picking up a pattern here. Did I mention Drita unfollowed/blocked everyone except Big Ang? Chirp, chirp.

I would like to see Love Majewski come back, she has a very colorful past and lots of history with the girls. And, if we are going to add someone new, can it please be a REAL Mob Wife like Diondrea Nicosia? I'm sure she would bring a lot to the table. Both of these ladies were on "I Married a Mobster" and their stories continue to generate the most hits and comments of all the blogs we wrote on that series. 

So Jenn and VH1 let's get this party started. There is still more life left in Mob Wives! Keep it in New York! Keep it real! Let's get back to what the show is supposed to be about.

What would you like to see if there is a season six? You never know who is reading!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap Reunion Show Part 2, Ep 514

Hosting is the gracious Vivica A. Fox

Here we go! The Drita clips!  Drita used the word “dick” fifty freaking times this season! And “dildo” another 25 times. Wow, even Drita doesn’t believe she said it that many times. A “dildo” happens to be worse than a "dick" because it’s fake. If Drita says “dick” in front of her daughter, Giselle, she tells her mom to say “pickle.” Hmmm, interesting "birds and bees" talk at their house.

Moving on to Renee. Renee’s life has been on an upswing this season and we were happy to see it. She has gone through some difficult times and allowed it all to be aired on the show. Renee has tears in her eyes. She is very emotional because all her relationships spiraled out of control due to her addiction and depression. She is sorry she hurt people in the process. Drita likes Renee, but says she didn’t like the things she did. Vivica was surprised that Gnatalie apologized to Renee in the clip. Ang says Junior is lower than a rat for recording Renee’s father while he was lying in her bed. He's a double rat. Everyone sees a difference in Renee since her baptism. We wish her continued peace and happiness in her life.

Natalie Didonato aka Nat D

Bring on Nat D aka Natalie Didonato. Lots of clips. “I’m my own f*ckin’ gangster.” Nat D takes a seat next to Karen. Ang says all she knows about her is how much she hates Gnatalie and it’s irritating. Nat D says Gnat lied and told everyone her friend, Gnat's ex, beat her. Gnat takes offense to that and the screaming starts. Gnat says you don’t know me. They get louder and louder, calling each other every name you can think of, until Nat D charges across the stage. She intends to beat Gnat and security rushes in and puts Nat D back in her seat. Meanwhile Gnat walks off stage in a huff calling Nat D “you dirty skank. I‘m outta here.” Gnat takes off like a rocket and she is disgusted. Drita runs out after Gnat to try and bring her back to the show. Gnat says she spoke her peace and that’s it. She isn’t going to "talk to this mother f*cker. She lied. She is a rat, lowlife, scumbag." Drita thinks she is wrong to leave. And Gnat says, “but she keeps cursing at me.” What? is she serious?  Nat D keeps cursing at you? What exactly would we call what she says? In fact, who doesn't curse on the show? They even got Vivica Fox cursing because that's the only language everyone responds to. Hell, they have me typing curse words I don't even use just to make the blog "real."

The first time Nat D tried to get Gnat

They are back on the stage. The season showdown between the two Natalies are shown in clips. Vivica asks Gnat if she called Ronnie to get dirt on Nat D. And she adds Gnatalie had some documents on Ronnie. Drita finally speaks up and says "anybody who has something to do with making recordings is a f*cking RAT!"  Drita says she has been quiet too long. Ang hates tapes. Drita says "if you put your boyfriend in jail you are a rat." Gnatalie defends herself saying she is a victim of domestic violence and she said what she had to say in that situation. Gnat is crying, yelling at Renee and Nat D they don’t understand the situation. Vivica starts crying, they are breaking her heart and she walks off. Damn! Vivica explains she works at a women’s shelter and she found the conversation difficult to listen to.

Stunning Carla walks on stage

She's not too happy with Drita!

Oh boy here comes Carla! Clip of Drita saying, “We’re not friends like that anymore, and talkin’ to Carla is like talkin’ to a mothball in my closet.” Carla looks stunning. Why is Drita snubbing her? That's the million dollar question. Carla says when she wasn’t on the show with Karen and Ramona, she and Drita lost touch. She opened her store and she didn't invite her. Karen decides she is going to keep it real now. She wants to bring up the elephant in the room. Drota seems shocked, "are we really gonna go there?" But then we really don't get to hear what Karen planned to say, maybe due to editing. Carla is insulted by Drita's "we are not friends like that." Drita is cold and says Carla talked to blogs about their friendship. Carla denies talking to any blogs about Drita. Drita sticks to her stand that she read that Carla talked to blogs. I can say Carla didn't talk to us, but she has good reason. We haven't always been nice to Carla, but after seeing these Philly chicks we have grown to appreciate her. Drita is obviously pissed and wants to know when Renee and Carla made up. Renee explains they met at the mall and got to talking. Renee says Carla never did anything wrong to her except to call her out on her bullshit. They know each other since they were 17. Vivica asks if Drita misses her friendship with Carla, Drita says yes. Carla, on the other hand, says she misses what they had, but it’s not the same any more. Carla leaves. Here is an interview Carla graciously did with our blog back in season one: Carla's Mane Interview

“Rat” clips. In the lifestyle, a rat and cop caller are the same thing, says Drita. Once a person is a rat can they clear their name, asks Vivica? The answer from the women is: never.

The battle of words

Renee’s Baptism Party and the Gnat crew invasion. Gnat says she had her friends there to back her up. Gnat said she was in two fights already this season and she was going to protect herself. Gnat said she went to the party just for Renee. She thought she was going to get jumped so she brought back-up. Gnat felt she would have been forced to fight if she hadn’t left with her friends. She says "Nat D is all over freaking social media saying she would knock her chicklets out. Who talks like that?" Drita felt Gnat did not want to confront Nat D (probably about the "calling the P.O. issue"). Gnat says she doesn’t want to think about that part of her life any more. He is trying to get back at her by feeding Nat D information. A screaming match between the Natalies starts up again. Lots of name calling and threats. Gnat calls Nat D "dumpster juice." Vivica cannot control the two of them. Suddenly, Nat D sees her chance and charges across the stage, and this time she is faster than security. Nat D makes brief contact with Gnat and security rushes in and breaks it up fast. Gnat takes off in a big huff. Nat D is pissed to high heaven for the way Gnat was talking to her. London is back stage ready to take Gnat away. A few kisses and off they go. Nat D’s hand is bleeding. Gnat has tears in her eyes and looks sick on her way out. Nat D says "she sat there dignified and let Gnat talk." Once again Gnat runs for her life.

We lost Gnat. "Bye B*tch Bye," says Karen. Drita thinks Gnat was scared to death. Karen says she pushes you to the point where you want to kill her. Vivica wants to know who do they believe Nat D or Gnat. Renee says she heard the tape and it was Gnat admitting she called the PO. Drita believes Gnat called the PO, but does she know if he put his hands on her? No. Ang says let Gnat handle her own shit, her mouth is big enough. Renee wants them all to agree to move on. 

Once again kudos and thanks to Miss Vivica Fox for her professional behavior in extremely difficult circumstances.

Will there be a season six? If so, who will be in the cast? Stay tuned for breaking news when we get it!

Now I am taking a vacation from Mob Wives, if they let me. This was the most stressful, nerve wracking season of ANY show i have ever watched in my lifetime. What show has drama 24/7? You wake up to it, you go to sleep with it. And I'm not even getting a paycheck! But we love our readers and followers and would not let them down by not hanging in there till the end. There you have it. May peace be with you all. ~Chiara

Picture credit: VH1