Monday, January 26, 2015

Mob Wives: Ang Confronts Gnat Sneak Peek Ep 7

Gnat and Ang meet at the park . . 
like Staten Island and Astoria are around the corner from each other!

Ang is happy Gnat moved to New York, despite everything Karen told her on the boat. Ang decides to confront Gnatalie, one on one, about what was discussed on the boat during her sitdown with Renee. She tells her Karen is pissed about what Gnatalie said on social media about her being a dead-beat mother. Gnat, who is never as a shortage for answers and excuses, tells Ang a fairy tale that Karen hacked into her mother's Facebook account and stole a picture of her. First of all, Karen doesn't hack into accounts. Second, it's too bad Gnat's mother doesn't know how to make her account private. Gnat tells Ang that Karen posted a picture of her as a kid saying it's too bad she was bullied for being ugly. Ang is taken aback. So Gnatalie says that's why she called her a dead-beat mom. Gnat's memory must be worse than mine. The way I recall it is that Gnat posted a picture of Karen's mug shot FIRST along with several abusive and provoking tweets. It was then that Karen posted Gnat's picture, trying to give her a dose of her own medicine. Then, Gnat escalated things by attacking Karen's parenting. In any case, Ang doesn't want anyone to talk about anyone's parenting or children; that's off limits! Will Ang buy into Gnat's lies once again? Tune in tomorrow night and see how it all goes down! Here's a taste: 

Video and Picture Credit: VH1

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mob Wives: Will Karen Cut A B*tch?

Karen on phone with her brother Gerard

VH1 just released a Bonus Clip. In this clip Karen sees what Gnatalie has been saying about her on Twitter. She lets a lot of it slide, until she sees her comment calling Karen a dead-beat mom. Then she sees red and calls her brother Gerard to vent. Here is the tweet heard round the world!

Click for larger view

Karen's big concern is that Karina will see this tweet and try to defend and protect her mother. Karen has a close relationship with her daughter and doesn't want this for her. During her conversation, Karen slams a bunch of glasses! One in particular . . . falls to the floor . . . 

Gnatalie's words cut Karen like glass. It's Karen's turn to set her straight.

Video and Picture Credit: VH1

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mob Wives: Do Renee & Ang Remain Friends?

Back in the old days of Season 1
when friends were friends

After watching Episode 6, and the whole hands on the Bible ceremony, it left me wondering just how long Karen's peace brokering would last. After all, some pretty ugly things were said by Renee and Ang, things that are not easily forgotten or forgiven. I think that scene was filmed back around September. We still have no idea what is going to happen in the next six episodes, but there is some good indication right now that the "peace" has lasted and Renee and Ang have gotten past their differences. During the show, both Ang and Renee tweeted public apologies. Their apologies seem sincere to me. Here are the tweets for those of you who do not follow along on Twitter:

Karen and Renee have every reason to be concerned as long as outsider, Gnat, keeps stirring the pot. What I don't get is Drita has said time and time again she doesn't like the things she is hearing about Gnat, and yet she is always defending her. Ang keeps saying she is going to talk to Gnat about this issue and that issue, but has never gotten as upset with her as she has with Renee. Drita and Ang still continue to hang out with Gnatalie. I'm confused. I hope common sense prevails in the second half of this season. P.S. I want to know when I can say "Bye, Felicia" to the Gnat?

Picture Credit: VH1

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “Philly vs. Philly,” Ep 506

It ain't over just yet!

And the fight continues . . . All hell breaks loose at Drita‘s magazine party. Renee and Ang are at each other’s throats, or they would be if Karen Natalie D. weren‘t there to keep them apart. Ang yells, “I want to cut your throat, b*tch, to Renee. She adds “Renee is a rat, she crossed the line when she said Gnat's DNA was on the dollar bill.” Now how the hell is Renee a “rat?” I think Ang just throws that insult at Renee because she knows it’s the worst thing she can call her and press her buttons. Karen says she never saw this side of Ang, "this b*tch is turning into Godzilla!". Karen keeps trying to break up the fight. Ang yells to Renee that she is an embarrassment. Drita’s party is a mess. Ang tells her that what Renee said is unforgivable. Drita finally gets Ang to get in her car after several attempts. Karen is upset that an outsider like Gnat is going to ruin a 25 year friendship. Karen tells Renee Ang it’s done, get in the car, it’s over. Renee says her friendship with Ang is over. There is no going back, she is on Gnat’s side, so she better stay there.

The alliances are clear!

London and Gnat funeral home scene. Can I just say how totally ridiculous this scene is? People die 24/7 and they do not take breaks when Mob Wives is filming. You can’t live in New York City and run a funeral home in Philly, which is at least 90 minutes away without traffic. I think this whole thing is a farce. It just goes to show how dispensable Gnat really is at the funeral home. She wants everyone to believe she is running things, but in reality she isn’t even there to do anything. I’m sure her grandfather had to hire another cosmetician to take over where Gnat left off.

Karen stops by Renee’s house. Renee says she is really pissed off. Ang lunged at her after she said she married a rat. Renee still worries that what Junior did will impact AJ’s life. Ang's calling Renee a “rat” was really the last straw. Renee was going to dragged her out of the club. Renee says she gets Junior is a rat, he did it to her father! She gets it. But she isn’t accountable for what he did to Ang’s cousin or anyone else. Karen doesn’t understand how Ang doesn’t get Gnat is rat for all the things she has done.. There is nothing appealing or special about Gnat. I don’t understand it either. Karen feels Ang was way out of line. She wants to talk to Ang and hear what she has to say. Renee says this is done, Ang called her a rat. She picked Gnat’s side, so stay there, because she can never come back from that.

Drita goes to see Ang at the Drunken Monkey. Ang is still pissed off at Renee. Ang feels bad that Renee’s rat move ruined Drita’s night. Renee crossed a line that can’t be repaired. Ang keeps hearing her voice in her head. Ang says Karen is not getting involved in this because it’s not her business. Ang wants to break Renee’s jaw so they could wire it shut for 12 weeks and she can keep it shut.

Gnat is packing up her apartment to take everything to NY. London gets there too late to help her. She tells him about Drita’s photo shoot and the model, Natalie D, who tells her she is a cop calling rat. Gnat says she has been calling around trying to get dirt on Natalie D. She got some and plans on getting more dirt on her. She hears she is the biggest whore there is and a douche bag. I wonder is Gnat ever looked in the mirror? Sounds like some projection to me.

Karen is listening to every word Natalie D says

Karen is looking forward to talking to Natalie D after what she heard her say about Gnat. Karen wants to meet Natalie D and learn what else she has to say. They have a conversation. Natalie D says she hung out with Drita the whole day and everything was fine. She says Drita asked her for her opinion on Gnat and she told her the truth. She is known in South Philly as a “rat scumbag.” She doesn't like her, she doesn't like what she is about. She's a "f*ckin' cop caller." Karen wants to know what her motive was to say she is a cop caller. Natalie says she has no motive she is just telling the truth.

She's a rat scumbag!

Natalie D tells her Gnat has been calling her boyfriend, Ronnie, to get dirt on her. He shut her down and she didn't stop there. She called 15 other people she knows for the same reason. Karen feels Natalie D is real and doesn't pull any punches, and she respects that. Karen says Ang and Drita have her back. Natalie D says she isn’t afraid of anyone. There won’t be any helping Gnat, even God coming off the cross can’t help her. Natalie D sure means business! I was hoping the wars between the South Philly girls was in this episode, but since it’s not, we have a lot more to look forward to!

Drita talks to Lee. They never get to see each other since they are so busy. She tells him about Ang’s cousin and how Junior ratted on him. She says, Junior shot the guy during a robbery and he is walking around free (not true he got 11 years, Ang’s cousin got 38 years).

Renee’s house. AJ is nursing his foot. Renee tells him how scared she was from the call she got after the accident. He wants his grilled cheese sandwich. Renee goes to bring it to him. He starts laughing. I guess Renee doesn’t make many grill cheese sandwiches because AJ’s sandwich looked grilled, but it had hard cheese in it.

Karen, Ang and Drita meet at the park. Karen wants to tell them about her meeting with Natalie D. Karen says she got good vibes from her. Natalie says everyone from South Philly hates Gnat. She tells them how Gnat is calling her boyfriend and all her friends to get dirt on her. Drita says if they want to kill each other, let them. “May the best Natalie win.” adds Karen. Karen wants Ang to try and make amends with Renee. Karen says her father used to make people meet on a boat and talk things out because no one could run away. Drita thinks it’s a good idea. Ang agrees to meet Renee on a boat. I guess Karen knew what she was doing but I wonder if anyone was going overboard!

Ang’s house. She bought the worst house in the best location, so she could renovate it the way she wants. Drita pops in and is very impressed with the house. Ang is drained from all the work. She tells Drita how many thousands everything costs. Neil is painting, but he is good for nothing. He is dripping paint. Ang wants her children and grandchildren to live with her.

Gnat and London go clubbing at the Whisperclub. They have been so busy with the funeral home (yeah, right) and moving to NY. Gnat just wants to have fun. She is sick of all the Natalie D stories. London isn’t as much fun as Gnat would like. He says he just doesn’t want to go overboard. I should have just left this scene out altogether, it was pointless except to show that all Gnat wants to do is party.

Karen wants the girls to make up and move on.

Karen and Renee get to the boat. Renee doesn’t really want to be there. Renee is mad that Ang doesn’t have her back and called her a rat after being friends for 25 years. Drita says she doesn’t know if Renee can own up to what she did. What exactly did Renee do? I don’t get it. In any case Drita is Team Ang, big surprise there. All the girls are on the boat to talk. Lines have been drawn, Karen has Renee’s back and Drita has Ang’s. Ang’s hand is bandaged because she fell and got 12 stitches, and that could be a good thing as far as her trying to fight Renee. Karen feels they can hash out all their differences on the ocean. Renee thinks the whole rat thing is unforgivable. Ang says Renee started it. Karen says no, no, no. Renee was offended at Karen’s house when Ang sided with Gnat, and then it escalated at the restaurant when she started calling Junior a rat and then Renee a rat. Drita starts to say that Junior ratted out Ang’s cousin, but Renee yells he ratted out my father! Renee is sick of being the one everyone points their finger at. Renee says she has no control over Junior. She never did. He is a rat. As for Gnat, Renee says Gnat outted her publicly for doing drugs in Vegas. Renee is just saying if she did drugs then so did Gnat because she was in the bathroom with her.  That's what she meant by both of their DNA’s are on the dollar bill. Karen says they established that Renee shouldn't have said that to Ang at Karen's house. Then Ang admits she shouldn't have said that the next night. Ang agrees to take Renee's word of how she meant it. Karen wants complete resolution. Karen wants Ang and Renee to get over it completely, not just say they are over it. Ang says she could be okay with everything. Ang takes out a big Bible. Renee and Ang both swear on the Bible that they are over it.

The Bible brings closure!

Now Karen wants to know what they are going to do about Gnat, the social media bully? Karen starts to tell them all the things Gnat tweeted about her on Twitter, which she ignored. But, then she started calling her a “dead beat mother” because she left her daughter in Arizona. Karen is very upset about that.

"NOW, it's a problem!"

Karen says, "Now it's a problem!" She has gone too far, she has no regard for people's families, she is rotten to the core! Ang says it was very uncalled for that Gnat called Karen a dead beat mom. Ang is going to talk to Gnat about it, she doesn’t like it, no one brings up family. Renee wants to know what kind of person are they allowing in their circle to cause trouble? Drita says "if she said it she would knock her teeth out in front of everybody". Is Drita all talk again? Listen Drita, you just heard it from Karen, you don’t have to hear it from Gnat. Besides that, it’s on Twitter and I believe we have a print screen in our blog, so there is NO question about what Gnat said about Karen! Karen is disgusted with anyone who sticks up for Gnat, she wants to be in a room with Gnat. She will break her f*ckin' face the second she sees her. Will someone please grant Karen’s wish and book a room??? And one more thing . . .

"If she said it I'll knock her f*ckin' teeth out right
in front of everybody."

Well Drita, here it is! There are no "if's and's or but's" about it! Will someone please pass the following picture on to Drita so she can do some dental work on Gnat?

Picture credit: VH1

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Recap “Digging Up Dirt,” Ep 505

Here is how it all ends!

The Reunion Show is due to be taped soon. Natalie D and the Gnat keep tweeting about how they are going to bring dirt on each other. To be honest, I can’t even keep up with the tweets, that’s how many there are. They keep flying back and forth like bullets on a battlefield. Things just keep getting worse as the insults keep coming. You really should be following along on Twitter because I am exhausted with this season’s drama on and off the set. Here we go for the recap . . .

Renee talks to Karen about Junior

Renee’s House. Karen stops by with the newspaper. Renee is reading about Junior’s list of the people he ratted on.  It just got longer. Renee is sick Junior is putting more people in jail, including Ang’s cousin. Renee is concerned for the families. She feels AJ has to walk around with shame because of what his father did and she is upset that they have to pay for Junior’s sins. AJ is her first priority. Renee is concerned people will call Junior a “rat” and it will hurt AJ. Loyalty is not bringing up the person who ruined her life.

Gnat tells her version of why she called the cops

Big Ang and Drita go to Gnatalie’s apartment to confront her about being a “cop caller.” I don’t know why they needed to do this because Karen told them several times she tried to call the cops on her. Karen doesn’t lie, especially about things like that. Drita insists she doesn’t want to associate with a rat and yet she keeps hanging out with Gnat. Go figure.  Gnat wants to give them a tour of the apartment, but Ang says that is the last thing she needs; she just wants to know the truth. Ang immediately brings up Drita’s makeup session in Philly and tells Gnat that a model told Drita something about her. Drita ajumps in and says the model told her Gnatalie is a rat and to be careful who you hang out with. Ang is totally against rats, yet there is she is still talking to Gnat. Drita says they have been sticking up for her all along and she can’t defend rats. Drita says the model told her Gnat had a fight with her boyfriend and called his PO (parole officer). Gnat says yes, she did call the cops, but the fight got violent and she had to call the cops to protect herself.

Here are the pictures Gnat tweeted as proof of the attack

Gnat says it is none of the model’s business. Gnat tells them it’s something personal and she never brought it up. Ang says it’s a different story if she called the cops to protect herself. Drita agrees that it’s the only excuse where it’s ok to call the cops. But what about her saying she would call the cops on Karen? That doesn’t count? Now Gnat wants to find out who is talking about her. Drita is very angry and is tired of being in the middle and going back and forth. Gnat is going to find the b*tch who is talking about her. She is going to do her own investigation on this b*tch.

Karen listens to Storm apologize

Karen is going to talk to Storm at dinner. She is waiting to see if he says the right things, if not, she is walking away forever. She misses him. He looks nervous, but he screwed up and he has to fix it. He admits he acted like a jerk and handled everything wrong. He is 100% sorry and she doesn’t ever have to worry about it happening again. She accepts his apology. Karen says trust is important in a relationship. She feels they have too much invested in their relationship to throw it away. He says he gets it. He owns his mistake. She doesn‘t condone cheating and won‘t tolerate it. “If he ever disrespects me again I will go Lorena Bobbitt on his ass.” I love Lorena Bobbitt! I’d be very, very careful if I was Storm.

Natalie doesn't like what her boyfriend, Ronnie, tells her

Natalie Didonato (related to Frankie Flowers) is at the gym. Her boyfriend, Ronnie, comes in. They have been together, off and on, for four years. But they always have each other’s back. He tells her that girl, Gnatalie, called him and asked him if he could come to New York and spackle some stuff for her. Natalie tells him Gnat is known as a scumbag whore in Philly. He tells her Gnat told him that Natalie D is trying to ruin her life by saying she is a rat and that she put her ex in jail. He says it’s true, he had the same parole officer. Gnat wants him to give her dirt on Natalie D. He thinks she is nuts to ask him that. Natalie says she is sending Gnat a 20 pound provolone for Christmas, she is a bonafide rat. Natalie isn’t about to let Gnat dig up dirt on her. “You’re not delicious, you’re delusional.”

Renee gets text about AJ's accident

Renee can’t sleep. Junior is in the news again. On top of that Ang went to see Gnat about “her side” of the “parole officer” story. So Renee is seeing a doctor about her stress. She can’t take pills, so she needs alternative healthy options. He hooks her up to a 30 minute, nutritional therapy IV and she tries to relax. Five or ten minutes later she gets a text that her son was hurt in a car accident. Renee goes crazy and makes them pull out the IV. No answer on AJ’s phone. She hears that AJ can’t walk and he is in a lot of pain. Renee drives to the park and runs to find her son. AJ is on a stretcher. The ambulance is pulling away.

Drita is shopping for dinner after work and calls Lee to see what he wants. He literally tells her to get everything. Does anyone know what the hell Lee does all day? As she waits for her order, Antoine calls. He tells her the photos from the magazine photo shoot are amazing and he invites her for the viewing party. Drita would love to invite Gnat, but Natalie D will be there and there would definitely be a fight. Drita says no one would ever hire her again.

Renee bares her soul to Ang, who doesn't seem to care

Ang arrives at Karen’s house. Karen called Ang because Renee is stressed out and needs good friends to lean on. AJ had to have surgery after the accident. Big Ang loves Karen’s place. Renee arrives soon after. Renee says her life is a mess and she can’t cope. She tells them about her doctor visit and that she got a text about AJ’s accident as soon as they hooked her up to an IV. Renee says she can’t take anymore. Ang says the girls’ drama is nonsense. Renee cries and says it hurts her that Ang defends Gnatalie because it shows she isn‘t being loyal to Renee. Ang gets annoyed that Renee is bringing up Gnat and says that that is nothing compared to her cousin facing life because of Junior. Now what does Junior’s informing on her cousin have to do with Renee? Nothing! Karen says it bothers her that everyone is sticking up for Gnat. Renee warns Ang that Gnat will tell everyone her business. Ang says she can’t tell my business, I have nothing to hide. Renee says Gnat told everyone she was doing drugs and that’s because Gnat was doing drugs with her [in Las Vegas last season]. Renee tried to warn Ang, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Ang tells her to worry about AJ right now, not Gnat.

Gnatalie is having a party at her new home. There are her friends from Philly, obnoxiously loud, like Gnat. One of Gnat’s friends brings some legal documents on Natalie D. According to the papers Natalie D had her boyfriend locked up three times. They laugh and say Natalie D is the cop caller. Gnat is planning to air her dirty laundry. This news has yet to be confirmed, and I am sure Natalie D will explain what they are talking about.

Ang is going to court for her cousin Ronnie, who has a wife and a family. He is going to be sentenced. Meanwhile, Renee is at the shrink’s office. First she tells her about Junior’s cooperation and how many people he sent to jail. Now he is putting Ang’s cousin in jail and she is worried Ang will stop talking to her because of it. Renee needs to know how to cope. Renee trusts no one. She feels the girls are playing with the enemy. Ang comes out of court and calls Drita to tell her that her cousin got 38 years! He is already 46 and will die in prison. Whose fault is that? First of all it’s his fault for committing the crime and second it’s Junior’s fault for ratting him out. It has nothing to do with Renee! Ang wonders how Renee is going to feel. Ang says she has always been there for Renee and wants to see what Renee is going to do in this situation.

Renee and Karen listen to what Natalie D has to say about the Gnat

Natalie D has plenty to say!

Ang is at home getting ready for Drita’s magazine party. Ang is excited, it’ll be a nice distraction. Drita wants to have fun. Drita thinks Renee and Karen will love Natalie D because she hates Gnat. They walk in and look at some of the pictures Natalie D posed for (photos on our blog). Ang is still pissed about Renee questioning her at her house. Drita introduces Natalie D to Renee, Ang and Karen. Natalie D tells them she was born and raised in South Philly. Drita tells her that Karen doesn’t like Gnat. Karen tells her “she wanted to call the cops on me.” Natalie says that is her M.O. Renee says she and Gnat did drugs together and got high. Renee says she has Gnat’s DNA on the dollar bill they used. Ang is disgusted and makes a big deal out of the “dollar bill” comment. She tells Renee "That's being a f*ckin' rat!" How the hell is Renee a "rat" when Gnat is the one who said Renee was doing drugs on the last Reunion show? Renee is really fed up with Ang defending “Ratalie.” Ang hates the word “rat” and says Renee married a “rat.”  Renee is pissed and gets up.

There goes Drita's party! Fight, Fight!

It's outta control!

Renee tells Ang that her taking her ex-husband’s business out on her isn’t fair. Ang gets up. Karen gets in the middle to prevent a fight. Ang turned into Godzilla and goes after Renee. Let’s hope Ang doesn’t topple over, she is top heavy after all.

Picture Credit: VH1

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mob Wives: Renee Fed Up With Junior's Ratting Sneak Peek Ep 505

VH1 has provided us with a sneak peek of Episode 5, "Digging Up Dirt." In this clip we see Renee talking to Karen about Junior ratting on more people and how his actions are affecting both her and AJ. It's like it never ends. Renee does't want the sins of the father visited on her son, sho has to deal with the shame of it all.

Picture and Video Credit: VH1

Mob Wives: Natalie Didonato FOX29 Interview

A few days ago, Natalie Didonato was interviewed by FOX29's Good Day Philadelphia. Natalie has become a celebrity almost overnight, even before making her debut on Mob Wives, January 7th. The previews of upcoming scenes from the show were enough to peek fans' interest in this new cast member. Now we can hear exactly what Natalie has to say about season 5 of Mob Wives and what she is bringing to the table.

Natalie D says she was born and raised in South Philly and attended Temple University for Real Estate. The show has opened a lot of doors for her already. The down side of being on the show is that her demons are coming out. She is not a big fan of Gnatalie. I get the impression that is an understatement. Natalie chats about her recent charity event and various projects she is working on. This little clip gives us a nice glimpse into her personality.

Picture and Video Credit FOX29

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie Didonato's Photo Shoot Pics!

Natalie chatting with Drita as she gets her makeup done
for a photo shoot in Episode 4

Looking beautiful, Natalie Didonato made her debut appearance on Mob Wives in episode 4. She was a model in a photo shoot for an Italian magazine. Drita was called in to do the makeup of the models in the shoot. We were able to see the makeup session and the conversation between Drita and Natalie about "Ratalie." Unfortunately, we were not able to see the photo shoot itself. But, I was recently contacted by a source and he sent me some photos from the actual photo shoot that took place that day for her fans to enjoy.. 

The photo credit for the following pictures goes to Alloyius Mcllwaine @culturesclothing on Instagram.

Rimaj Todd @danceking23 & Natalie

Natalie & Chris Nauss @cnauss1723 & Kharisma Mcllwaine @RealKharisma

Natalie & Chris

Natalie & Chris

Thanks to Mr. Alloyius Mcllwaine for permission to post his pictures on our blog.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mob Wives: What is "The Sammy Deal?"

Sammy's Biography, a compelling read

On episode 4 of Mob Wives there was a lot of talk about "rats," mainly Gnatalie and Junior. In one scene, at the end, Victoria Gotti meets with Big Ang to discuss the consequences of Junior's testimony. The long and short of it is this: there was a robbery that Junior participated in with Ang's cousin and another man. An innocent man was killed and Junior was the one  responsible for his death. Junior took a plea deal, wore a wire and testified in court. For his cooperation Junior got 11 years. The other two men, one being Ang's cousin, got 30 years. Ang needs Victoria's advice about how to approach Renee about this situation. What Renee has to do with this I don't know, ask Ang.

Now, during this discussion between the two women, the subject of "rats" comes up. And, because Junior took a plea deal and cooperated, he qualifies as a "rat." It must have hit a nerve with Victoria Gotti. Victoria made a comment that I took to be a cheap shot at Karen. She said Junior got, what "they" call, "The Sammy Deal." A sweet deal. Now I have done a lot of reading and watched plenty of videos and I have never heard of "The Sammy Deal" before. But I don't know everything, so I took to the internet and researched the term in case I missed something somewhere. Nope. Nowhere on the internet is the term, "The Sammy Deal," used except for the blogs written after Mob Wives episode 4 aired. I suppose it might be used among those in the lifestyle OR it might be something Victoria totally made up out of thin air to stick it to Karen. Not nice.

It's a very long story, but Sammy Gravano did not just wake up one day and decide to cooperate with authorities. It went against everything he believed. A lot of things happened to help him decide that was what he needed to do. The Feds had an overwhelming amount of information against John Gotti without Sammy's cooperation; and all their evidence was provided by John Gotti via wiretaps. The Feds played six hours of FBI recorded tapes for the jury. Tapes that were full of family secrets. It was Gotti's own arrogant and reckless attitude that was responsible for getting himself, Locascio and Sammy arrested. But, it was what happened during the year after their arrest, while they were in the Manhattan Correctional Center awaiting trial, that finally persuaded Sammy to cooperate. The Feds played tapes for Sammy where Gotti was saying things to throw Sammy under the bus. Gotti also picked the lawyers for both himself and Sammy and told Sammy he could not meet with his attorney unless Gotti was present. Gotti would not allow their cases to be tried separately. Sammy started to get a very bad feeling. These are Sammy's own words:

"All John had to do was come to me once during that eleven months we were together and say, 'Sammy, I'm sorry. My big f***ing mouth got you indicted, number one. Number two, let's try to get a severance for you, so you could fight your case. F*** the public. Let's try to fight this so that one of us, all of us, a couple of us, get out of this f***ing mess.'

"If he done that, I would have never cooperated with the government, not in a million years would I have cooperated."

"In addition to the fact that Gotti never apologized for mouthing off to the extent that he had dug a deep hole for Gravano, Sammy felt that the defense team, hand picked by John, was going to set him up for the fall."

(From Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, By Allen May, Chapter 19 "The Bull" Becomes "The Rat"). This is a 26 Chapter online source that you might find interesting.


This is really is a very long and compelling story. Gotti and Gravano worked hand in hand for years. Gotti was not the "innocent" lamb and Sammy "the rat." After they were arrested Gotti told the FBI things like people would meet with Sammy and then disappear. He tried to make it seem as though Sammy acted on his own and not on Gotti's orders. His plan was to shift the blame on to Sammy. It was only then, and after agonizing deliberation, that Sammy agreed to a plea deal. I have read about crimes, arrests, plea deals, you name it. But, to my knowledge, I have never come across the phrase, "The Sammy Deal," anywhere.

And, I have to add, I was excited to see Victoria Gotti on the show, even though she made some critical remarks about it over the years. She is, after all, the daughter of a mob boss, and I thought she fit in very well with the show. However, that little "zinger" she threw in didn't sit well with me. I felt bad for Karen.When Karen addressed Renee's meeting with Victoria, I thought she handled it with class. She took the high road . She could have thrown in a jab herself on camera, but she didn't. It would be very interesting if Karen and Victoria had their own sitdown and the truth about what went down between their fathers all came out.

I'm sure Karen is still sitting alone in the "truth room" waiting for someone to step in for some real talk. Alicia? Victoria? Gnat? Unfortunately, no one wants to hear the truth.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie vs "Ratalie" on Twitter

Natalie D. taking care of business

Time and time again the show's drama spills out on to the social media pages. I woke up to some tidbits this morning that I couldn't pass up. From reading yesterday's tweets, Ratalie has been taking potshots at Natalie D. But, before posting her zingers, she made sure she blocked Natalie so she couldn't see what she was saying. Word must have gotten back to Natalie D. because she had a few things to say for herself. I am not surprised Ratalie blocked Natalie D. or anyone else. She doesn't seem to like the truth and likes to keep her timeline clear for her few adoring fans. Fans who are apparently hard of hearing because they keep posting about how great that awful "Delicious" video is. Outside of a handful of her crazed fans, I doubt anyone would download that video even if it was free. She shouldn't give up her day job, and by that I mean funeral home receptionist, for a career in music. Just sayin'.

Here is the drama you may have missed between the two. You never know, it may end up escalating and we want to keep you up with the events as they happen.

Someone must have told Natalie D. what was being said so she took to Twitter to answer with her own comments:

The picture Natalie D. refers to is below

Picture Credit: Twitter Accounts of Natalie Didonato and Natalie Guercio