Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mob Wives: What's in Drita's New Book?

Where to begin?

While we are waiting for some actual news from Mob Wives on Drita's new book, here is a little sample from what I imagine will be in her book. The book that Lee doesn't want her to write. The book that a  "co-author" or ghostwriter will work on with her. The book that may have more editing than a whole season of Mob Wives before it gets published. 

Some working titles: "The Woman with the Blinged Wrench," "Violence is the Answer," "I Want To Eat Your Face Off"

Dedication: To all the Crickets, "Haters are like crickets they chirp all fucking day and you walk by them and they shut the fuck up." - Drita Davanzo.

Chapter 1: My Childhood

I was born to immigrant parents who came from Albania. My parents were old world people, conservative and traditional in their ways. As a child, I have never been bullied, but I got into a lot of fights trying to protect other kids from douchbag bullies. My father is a soccer coach for a woman's team at a New York University. He grew up playing soccer in Albania and trained my brother and I in the sport. I was so good at it that I would even play on my brother's team. I had a chance to get an athletic scholarship to college, but instead my life took another turn. 

Chapter 2: The Karen Years

I flipped off the college plans my parents wanted for me and the dreams my father had of me being a professional soccer player. Instead, I started hanging out in bars drinking and of course, fighting. Big Ang owned a bar called "Nocturnal," that was my regular hangout. That's how Ang and I got close. I would fight someone and then she would hide me before the cops got there. It was awesome. I met and became friends with Karen Gravano when I was 19, like for two years. Whatever. We hung out together. She was dating Lee at the time. (Maybe I should leave this part out?) Karen and Lee were on again off again. When Karen's family moved to Arizona we stopped being friends. She moved. I married Lee and never told her. She found out from some snitch. Like I said, we stopped being friends so why should I call and tell her? Just because I lived with her and we hung out? I don't think so. Karen's a friend, Karen's not a friend . . . what the hell do you want? I'm a flip-flopper.

Chapter 3: Life With Lee 

I married Lee and my family practically disowned me. Lee was part of the Springville Boys, a farm team of the mob. They didn't approved of him. I got pregnant with Aleeya and Lee went to jail for seven years. Then he came out and I got pregnant with Giselle. He cheated on me while he was out. (Maybe I should leave this part out?) I didn't know about it. Then he went back to jail for another robbery. They filmed how I found out about the cheating on the show during the beauty salon scene. That's when I decided to get a divorce. I changed my mind about that after Lee came home. I want a divorce, I don't want a divorce, like I said, I'm a flip-flopper.

Chapter 4: Mob Wives

I got an opportunity to be on Mob Wives to help me support my kids while Lee was in prison. I took it. I want to build an empire for my girls. The show was exhausting. They brought back Karen who wanted to talk about friendship every f*ckin' minute. What f*ckin' friendship did we have? She moved to Arizona years ago. She keeps talking about a f*ckin' timeline!  Thank God for Carla, she had my back for three solid seasons. Carla was a real and loyal friend. We had dinner at each other's houses and went on vacations together outside the show. But Carla didn't come back for season 4. We lost touch with each other even though we both live on Staten Island. We stopped talking. What did she expect, she f*ckin' left Mob Wives? And then she teamed up with Karen and Ramona, telling people I sold them out by going back for season 4. So what if I broke the pack we all made? (Maybe I should leave that part out?) Anyway, they brought her back at the end of season 5 for a hot minute for Renee's MobCandy Anniversary Party. Yes I grabbed my coat and ran out of there. I had a date with Lee, I had to pack for vacation, blah blah blah, it had nothing to do with Carla being there. She was insulted?  Who cares? Talking to her is like talking to mothballs. We aren't friends like that any more! That's right, we aren't friends any more and, like I said before, she should have known I was a flip-flopper from day one. 

Chapter 5: The Natalies

In season 5 my dear "friend" Alicia the Goddess of embezzlement didn't return. Instead they got another Natalie from Philly to add to the cast. I really liked Nat G from season 4. Then I met Nat D at a photoshoot where I did her makeup. I really liked Nat D. Nat D told me some stuff about Nat G, so I didn't like Nat G and confronted her. Then Nat G told me some things about Nat D, so I confronted her and didn't like her. I was friends with Nat G. I was friends with Nat D. It was like a f*ckin' tennis match. Now I ain't friends with nobody. No more gnats in my life. Now, in season 6, I'm friends with Brittany Fogarty. She is my kind of friend . . . until she isn't.

"chirp," just sayin' 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 First Look at Drita

. . . and there it is, your first look at Drita

In the Mob Wive First Look video Drita is on the phone tell Lee about her book and you can hear him telling her she isn't writing any book. Drita thinks Lee should be more supportive. Maybe it's a little karma time for Drita who hasn't been very supportive of others in the past, like Karen when she was writing her book or Carla when she left the show (with Karen and Ramona) after being sold out? You can catch the rest of the "First Look" video below.

What I thought was funny was an article that came out recently by the Daily News Confidential.  The article claims the information comes from an "insider" who is watching the filming of season 6. It basically implies that body guards were hired this season because there is some kind of conspiracy between the other mob wives to get rid of Drita, who is only friendly with new comer, Brittany Fogarty. As far as I know, the show has always had security present when filming, particularly during scenes that have the potential to turn violent.  In fact it's laughable to insinuate that this is something new.  The insider says security "has had to hold Drita back several times." It has peaked my interest, however I am still very much stuck on the fact that Drita never ran after her "stalker" when he showed up at her store, even as he waddled away down the street and could easily be caught by the wrench wielding, face eating, mob wife. 

We will see what Drita brings to the table this season. Her true colors are shining through like a (karma, karma, karma, karma, karma) chameleon.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mob Wives: Anthony "TG" Graziano Turns 75!

TG with his three beautiful daughters!

Anthony "TG" Graziano celebrated his 75th birthday with family and friends on Friday, November 13th.  The beloved father of the Graziano girls, Lana, Renee, and Jennifer, has never been on Mob Wives and didn't approve of his daughters doing the show in the beginning. However, from the looks of the pictures, any disagreements they may have had at the show's inception have long ago been resolved. Mr. Graziano's name has come up on several episodes of the show when certain events made the news.  Mr. Graziano is back home, looking great and enjoying his life with his wife and daughters. Here are a few pictures from the celebration:

There you have it, a birthday party fit for a king. You can bet that Big Ang finally gets to have a piece of cake (and more) unlike the parties on the show! If more pictures are posted we will update the blog.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: More pictures from last night's celebration!

to be continued . . . 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mob Wives: Sammy "The Bull's" Artwork Exhibit

Last night the Conception Gallery held an exhibit of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano's prison artwork. Sammy is currently in an Arizona prison. Sammy's very impressive sketches were offered for sale to the public. The show appears to have been a great success. We at the blog congratulate Sammy. Many turned out, including several Mob Wives, to support Karen Gravano. As you can see in the bottom left hand picture above, Love Majewski was decked out to be there for her long time friend.  I suspect that there were VH1 cameras there covering the event as did the New York Post. Here are a few more shots:

Actual Sketches

Karina and Storm

Love and Marissa

Okay so let's say VH1's cameras were rolling for this event. Does this confirm Love will indeed be in Season 6?  I'm going out on a limb and say yes.  I just can't believe that we can be this lucky to get all our favorites back on the show (minus Ramona Rizzo).  But what about Linda Scarpa? Drita all but said she would be filming for the show too. Linda, however, seems to be in denial mode. Who do we believe now?

At first glance this seems like a hint . . . BUT
Linda is in denial mode!

I'm sure producers want to keep certain aspects of season 6 under-wraps for the element of surprise. That's what they tried to do with Victoria Gotti's totally unexpected appearance.  If I recall correctly, Ms. Gotti also tried denying she would appear on the show and then there she was in two episodes. So, if I had to take a stand one way or the other, I would say the odds are Linda will make an appearance. Drita is known for having loose lips and trying to sink ships.  Stay tuned for more information as it develops.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Mob Wives: The Lines Are Drawn!

Ang is in black cover up right?

If that's having someone's back, no thanks.

Note: For the sake of truth and accuracy, I have just learned that Drita did NOT post the above picture with her tweet, someone else did and deleted it.  But she did call her cast members muppets.

If we've seen it once, we've seen it a thousand times. Some wives are loyal and some flip flop. Here we have a photoshopped picture illustrating Drita's tweet about muppets. And we have a tweet from Drita declaring her undying loyalty to Ang. Yet Ang seems to be one of the muppets. Go figure.

Things must be heating up on the set as they get closer to the end of filming. And, every time that happens it spills out on to social media. They can't help themselves. While one team is enjoying the sunshine and nightlife of Miami, the other team, "Team Drita," is tweeting away snarky remarks.

Pots calling the kettles black?
Whose twitter fingers are these?

I think these ladies are just getting warmed up. I may have to hire my own team to help me type the recaps and cover the the social media wars. Stay tuned because things are definitely going to heat up! If you haven't noticed, the premiere date has been changed to January 13th, 2016. Maybe they need to film extra shows to cover all the drama?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mob Wives: Miami Just Got Hotter!

The Ladies are in Miami this weekend!

The Ladies are in Miami this weekend . . . well some of them are, and they look like they are having a great time. Karen tweeted it was a vacation, not work related. Here are some of the photos that were tweeted out so far:

and this was just the beginning!

The Mob Wives brought more HEAT to the sunshine state when they put on their swim suits!

And look who is chilling' with French Montana now!

You may be wondering what the rest of the cast was up to since they didn't seem to be invited to go along.  Drita is probably still pissed at whatever happened during filming this past week. Team Drita members, Brittany Fogarty and Linda Scarpa, did exchange a couple of tweets that made me laugh:

Meanwhile I have some disappointing news about Season 6. The premiere has been delayed to January 2016 from early December 2015. We have to wait another month to watch. Makes me really wonder if things are getting so explosive that they have to film more episodes? Maybe the pot stirrers know? Meanwhile, Big Ang confirms the date change in her tweet.

Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are!