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Mob Wives: Recap “Storm-A-Brewin,” Ep 503

Let the drama begin!

Hello! Season 5 is off the chain! I have to watch each episode twice just to catch half of what happens. We start off where we ended last week, outside the Drunken Monkey, with Gnat getting in Karen’s face.

Police car sirens seem to be speeding to the Drunken Monkey. Karen and Gnat are still at it and security is all over the place. I have no doubt the security was requested by GNATalie because Karen doesn‘t need any protection. Gnat says she will call the cops. What else is new? Gnat repeatedly calls Karen an informant to provoke a fight. Why? Maybe she is trying to get Karen arrested and then she can brag about it on Twitter! Drita says no family talk to get Gnat to stop, but Gnat won‘t put a cork in it. Karen is totally fed up, saying this “lowlife Gnat talks about her family? Now she made this into a thing she don’t want” and Karen is going to take care of her. The fight is broken up and Gnat makes a fast retreat with London. Ang is disgusted she can’t have a party at her bar without the girls acting crazy. Drita aka flip-flopper, hates to hear anyone talking about anyone’s family, or so she says. "I can't listen to anyone talking about anyone's family. It's finished. It's done!" Ang and Karen both already told Drita that Gnat was calling Karen and her father a rat and yet Drita is STILL hanging with her at the party where she heard Gnat continue to talk about Karen‘s family. Drita your true colors are showing! Karen says the fight is over for now. Karen says Gnat is lucky she got away for now, but it’s just for now. She will be coming for her!

Drita is on phone with Lee. She is stressed out over the party and her stores. Lee is helping her with the kids. Drita feels he is making up for all the time he was away. Drita says it’s harder on the outside than the inside with work and bills. Drita seems very happy, but she says work keeps getting in the way of their time together. This is the first decent conversation I have heard between Drita and Lee where there is no cursing and he isn‘t being verbally abusive.

Gnat is on the phone with London. She went home to Philly after the party. She is concerned about their relationship. London goes to see her. She steps out to talk to him. Gnat still feels London was siding with Karen and Storm. London says she has a problem with other people. Gnat doesn’t like the way he handled the situation after Storm “jerked her off” in front of everyone, and she doesn’t want him being the peacemaker. He says she takes everything so personally. They don’t seem to be making any progress. She wants to be treated like his woman. She says her issue is with him, not them. She wants him to have her back and he can’t give her that. He says he is trying and came there to fix it. Poor London.

Karen tells Renee about the party and GNAT!

Renee and Karen talk about the Drunken Monkey party. Renee says all she is thinking is “I hope you put this b*tch in a bag and sent her to the sanitation department.”  Karen says the cops were called. Karen tells her she walked outside, everyone was there, and Gnat comes up to her and says let me ask you something: “Why is your man jerking me off?” Karen says London came over and was telling them he didn’t agree with how Gnat handle things. Karen says it confirmed to her that Gnat” is a cop caller. Karen says Gnat was provoking her when she went outside she so could call the cops. Renee says Drita and Ang make a huge mistake letting Gnat into their circle.

"[Gnat's] a no good filthy blow job"

Renee plans to call Ang because they know each other too long to let an outsider, a no good filthy blow job,” come between them. Renee says if Ang brings up Gnat’s name in the future their friendship will be completely over. If everyone can see what the hell Gnat is all about, why can’t Ang and Drita? Does a house have to fall on them? Is this nobody from Philly worth it? I can’t wait to hear what the new Natalie D has to say about her!

"Diffuse it."

Ang is going to the house of the “boss of bosses” for advice about all the girl drama, which is out of control. Victoria Gotti makes a grand entrance. She sure knows how to walk into a room! They sit down to chat. They reminisce about John Gotti and the past. The Gotti family is legendary in the lifestyle, says Ang. Victoria says there are no ethics or morals any more, those gentlemen are long gone. I am guessing she is referring to mob lifestyle ethics? Ang explains all the drama in her circle of girls and the backstabbing that is driving her crazy. Victoria says there is always one personality that stirs things up. Ang immediately blurts out GNATalie. Victoria advises her to diffuse the situation. Ang adds her long time friend, Renee, has been talking about her family. Victoria says family is off limits. When someone gets to that level they need to be reined in. Woman should build each other up. Victoria says in her circle, people act the way she allows them to act. She says set boundaries. She makes it clear, this is the line we’re not crossing. She says call out the person and tell them when they crossed the line. Keep the families out of the drama. Sometimes that is all it takes to set someone straight. Let them know if they can’t do that they better watch their backs. I have to say I enjoyed the scene with Victoria Gotti, it’s like she fits right in and makes sense.

Just taking in all Gnat's stupidity.

Oh no, not Gnat again. This time she is meeting Drita and Ang. Ang wants to talk to Gnat and set her straight because all the sh*t she is pulling is not ok. First, Gnat complains about London and they stick up for him. He is a good guy, he doesn‘t want to fight. Gnat is still not satisfied. What the hell is really wrong with this cosmetician? Did all those funeral embalming fumes really go to her head? She just doesn’t get a damn thing! Then Ang wants to talk to her about what she said to Karen at the Drunken Monkey. Both Ang and Drita tell her she said the wrong thing to Karen and it was below the belt. Drita says Gnat throws verbal grenades. Ang says Gnat said vicious things and it will get her in trouble one day. And what does Gnat get out of all that? Gnat says no one is going to change who she is or what she says. Perfect. I am convinced her brain is fried.

Big Ang gives up trying to talk sense to the Gnat.

Renee goes to visit Karen in her new home. Karen says she has her daughter here in New York now, no more back and forth from Arizona. Karen says she is very stressed with everything that is going on and she doesn’t even have furniture. She tells Renee she is upset. She went to Storm’s house to stay because she had an early appointment and then overslept. He came home at 7 am and she jumps up out of her sleep realizing her alarm never went off.  She gets a weird vibe from Storm so she gets up and finds a b*tch in her living room. He claims she wasn’t with him she was with his friend and she just wanted to use the bathroom. Karen says the b*tch starts running away and Karen hits Storm. She moved her daughter here and thought she was in a solid relationship and now this happens.

Best  Friends 

Karen starts crying. Renee comforts her. Now Karen doesn’t know what was going on while she was in Arizona. She says she thought their relationship was built on trust. They have to talk once she calms down and thinks about it. She feels violated. I have lived a long time and know a lot of women and no one has ever told me about their man bringing a woman into their home, any time of the day of night, to use the bathroom. I suppose it could be true, but I do not blame Karen for having some very serious doubts.

Ang says her son, AJ wasn’t there for the birth of his baby, Angelina. He violated his parole and was sent to Rikers Island. Ang drops in on Drita. Drita asks about AJ. Ang tells her he is in Rikers, it’s disgusting. The lawyer is trying to get him in a rehab program. He wasn’t clean when he was tested and they cuffed him and took him away. Drita thinks maybe this is a wake up call for him. Maybe it’s what he needed and maybe it even saved him from something worse. Drita says Lee is such a different person now that he served his time. Then Ang tells her that Renee called out of the blue and wants to meet up. Ang says she is the bigger person and will meet with her even though she doesn‘t know if the friendship is worth saving. Drita says why meet her, you do nothing but help her out. Why isn’t Drita encouraging two old friends to make up? Drita is no friend of Renee’s and never was.

Renee, AJ and his girlfriend, Andrea go out to eat dinner. They have been dating over a year and she is a positive influence on him. AJ is living with his grandfather. Renee asks if they are moving in together or getting engaged. AJ doesn’t like her in his business. He says he wants to be like 25 or 26 before he takes that step. Renee says she would like to get married one day and move away from New York.

Ang gets a call from AJ in prison. She hates the thought of him being at Rikers. She can’t wait for him to come home and see his daughter and her nursery. AJ has two strikes against him, one more and he will go away for a long time. Ang says when he gets out he needs a good job with benefits to take care of his family.

Karen and Storm talk but don't get very far.

Karen is overwhelmed with everything going on in her life. Storm comes over to Karen’s unannounced. Karen hasn’t spoken to him since she found that sorry ass ho in his living room. They go outside to talk. She says she needs a good explanation and apology. He says the ho came up to use the bathroom. He can’t help it if he gets home at 7 am. Karen tells him, b*tches shouldn’t be in her house without an explanation. Karen says there is a level of respect and communication when you are a couple and they don’t have it. He says she ran out because Karen flipped out in her face. He tells Karen if she would have stayed calm she would have gotten an explanation. Karen feels he isn’t sorry and is he is trying to turn the situation around to put the blame on her. He put her in this position. Karen is hurt and angry. Karen says she is disgusted that he can’t understand what she is trying to say. He doesn’t apologized or take responsibility. She goes inside. He goes inside. What kind of man brings a girl home and then flips the script and blames it on his girl. Karen thinks sometimes maybe she picks the wrong guy. She isn’t happy with the situation. He says she loves drama. She screams she doesn’t love drama. This is her home, a sanctuary for her daughter. Karen says she needs space. They are done! She didn’t move 2500 miles to be disrespected. Karen tells him to leave. Storm wont leave, so she takes off. Karen drives off. He stays on the couch. She tells him he better be gone when she gets back. Storm really screwed up.

Renee knows how and why there is a problem
(and she looks fantastic too)

Renee is meeting Ang to set the record straight. It was a big deal for Ang to show up. Ang wants to let Renee know how badly she hurt her. Ang says she is very uncomfortable, she isn’t used to sitdowns. Ang says something went wrong somewhere. Ang wants to straighten it out because she doesn’t like it, it‘s uncomfortable since they always say they are like family. Ang want’s to know why Renee is bad mouthing her family? Before Renee can tell Ang what she thinks went wrong, a woman walks into the restaurant wearing a black suit . . . is it Victoria Gotti? I’m pretty sure I saw Victoria in the white car . . . blonde hair and glasses! Take a look people . . .

still can't see?

Who else could it be?

More advice? Well we will have to wait for it until January 7th! And it looks like everyone wants a piece of Gnat come January 7th too.

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Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Ep 3 - Big Ang Meets Victoria Gotti

"You're smart, diffuse it."

Big Ang is sick of all the drama. She isn't talking to Renee. Karen and GNATalie are ready to kill each other. She's had enough of all of them. She needs some outside advice because these girls are killing her. So what does she do? She's arranged to see the boss of bosses, Victoria Gotti, at her home! Victoria shows up and they chat a little bit about John Gotti. Then Victoria asks what's going on?  Ang fills her in on all the drama that is going on and she wants some advice. The girls are always fighting and backstabbing. Ang says GNATalie stirs it up and is being very reckless. Ang isn't happy about the scene she created at her anniversary party. Victoria says she has a strong personality. Then she tells Ang, "you're smart, diffuse it."

Picture and video credit: VH1

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Mob Wives: Karen Gravano Thanks Fans!

Karen thanks you for your support.

I just got off the phone with Karen Gravano. She reached out to me because she wanted all her fans to know how much she genuinely appreciated their support throughout season 4 and especially on her return to Mob Wives season 5. She thanks you all for defending her when she and her family have been attacked. And she couldn’t express to me how overwhelmed she is by the outpouring of love that is on her Twitter timeline every day. Karen is glad that fans can see situations for what they really are on and off the show.

Karen explained that having the last name Gravano makes her a target. She has always been judged for the things her father did. We are seeing a lot of that on the show, with GNATalie, who seems to be attacking Karen’s family and her past to make herself more relevant. Karen says it won’t break her, it just makes her stronger. Karen addressed some of the things that have been said about her on Twitter, by Gnat, such as “dead beat mom” and What kind of mother leaves her daughter to do a show?”

She wants fans to know that making the choice not to bring Karina here, when the show first started filming in 2010, was the most difficult decision of her life. They discussed it as a family. People in Arizona are not as involved with Mob Wives as the people in New York, where the show is filmed, and where the mob history occurred. She had no idea what kind of reaction people would have to her when she returned to New York. She didn’t bring her daughter with her because of people like GNATalie. Instead, she traveled back and forth from Arizona regularly to be with Karina. She felt her daughter would be safer with family there. Now that Karina is older and understands a lot more, she has brought Karina here to live with her. And, she says, what happened is exactly what she thought would happen. Karina has seen nasty tweets by GNATalie and feels she has to defend her mother and their relationship. Karen never wanted her daughter to feel that she had to protect her. They have a great life and a close relationship. And they are both here because this is where Karen works and earns a living. Karen asked Karina not to respond to any of the negative tweets.

As for her past mistakes, Karen says she owns them and has discussed them with her daughter. Before she had Karina she was involved in an ecstasy ring, and she makes no excuses for her bad choices. Everyone in her family paid the price for something she did in a weak moment in her life. Karen adds what she did, the life she lived, made her who she is today. She isn’t a victim of the “lifestyle.” Being on Mob Wives has turned her thought process around. She feels we are all victims of our choices. She shared that what bothered her about Alicia last season was that she was always playing the victim. She didn’t take ownership of anything. She didn’t know her husband was working for the mob and she didn’t know she was embezzling money? Karen says it’s more like she was exploiting her father in-law to be on the show. As for Alicia's attacks on Karen and her father, Karen says there is a lot more to the story that we never heard.

Karen's Drunken Monkey Party Dress

As I had Karen on the phone, I wanted to ask her a few questions about season 5. What are we going to see?

Karen laughs and says I will tell you this, season 5 is going to be very interesting and full of surprises. She made a point of saying we are going to see a lot of people’s true colors. Karen wants to make it clear she has no issue with any professionals, including police officers. But, GNATalie has a double standard for a lot of things. Gnat accuses Karen of having half of Staten Island locked up, but at the same time her brother is a cop and locks people up every day. Gnat says Karen left her daughter in Arizona to move to New York for a show, but she moved from Philly to New York to be on the show, leaving her child behind. Gnat judges Karen for things her father did, but is friendly with Victoria Gotti’s family when it was her father, John Gotti, who gave Sammy Gravano the orders to carry out.

She gives me another example of true colors concerning Drita. When Drita questioned Renee about Gnat saying Renee called her a “rat” she didn’t accept what Renee said, but said she had to see it for herself. Yet, at the Drunken Monkey Party, Drita sees that London is friendly with Storm, it contradicts Gnat’s story and she doesn’t say anything to Gnat about it. Drita also says she can’t be associated with a cop caller, but she continues to hang out with outsider GNATalie aka cop caller. Karen wants to know where is the loyalty and respect?

Karen tells me in the last episode there was a lot of tension at the Drunken Monkey. She and Storm were on one side of the room and Gnat and London on the other. London came over to say “hi” and “welcome back” to break the ice. It wasn’t awkward at all. She didn’t understand how Storm’s comment meant he was “jerking off” GNATalie. He just said we don’t talk about people we don’t know. He wasn’t even directing his comment at her. Next thing Karen knows is everyone and the camera crew is going outside. She decides to go out and see what is happening. She wasn’t expecting Gnat to get in her face, she didn’t even know anything was wrong. Karen says she doesn’t condone violence, but Gnat just provokes to the point you can’t help getting physical.

So I ask is there a point where Gnat doesn’t run away and you get to tell her off? Karen says yes, there comes a time she doesn’t have a chance to leave.

I asked Karen about Alicia, mainly if she will return because they have some unsettled business. Karen says doesn’t know if she will return, but she thinks Alicia may have been asked to come back to address the can of worms she opened last season about Karen and her father. Alicia wasn’t let go, she resigned supposedly because of her court case. There is nothing stopping her from coming back. Karen says she is ready for her; she is sitting in the “Room of Truth,” and has no problem having it out with Alicia. The Room has been empty. No one wants to talk about the truth and Karen says she is all about the truth.

Finally, I can’t help but ask her opinion about the new Natalie Didonato. Karen says she is definitely a firecracker. She adds excitement to the show and seems like a cool stand up girl. She is established in Philly. She had 200 friends show up for her charity event. She has history. Gnat came out of nowhere, no friends, no history.

So, with that, I thank Karen for her time and for sharing a few things with us. She tells me we will talk again as the season progresses. I told her I’d be ready any time. Then I remember one more question, where is book number two? We are all waiting for it. Karen laughs and says she is working on it. The hold up is that right now she in involved with something that needs to be in the book, but it's still in progress. When that business concludes she may be able to finish her second book.

Then, once again, Karen wants to make a point of sincerely thanking all her fans for their continued support. I could hear in her voice how much it has meant to her. I don’t think she expected or realized how much we care and how devoted we are and she appreciates it more than words can say.

And, in saying our good-byes, we ended our call. Is it any wonder Karen is so beloved by fans?

P.S. If you haven't gotten your copy of Mob Daughter yet, you really should. It's a great read and it gives a lot of insight into Karen's life that you won't get anywhere else. If you want to know more about Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, and the mob history referred to on the show, you should check out his book, Underboss, as well.


Mob Wives: Bonus Clip Ep 3 Ang Turns to Karen

Angelina Rose

Episode 3 is titled "Storm-A-Brewin,'" and we are going to see the continuation of the confrontation between Gnat and Karen at the Drunken Monkey Party.

But this little bonus clip is about Big Ang turning to Karen for help. Ang invites Karen along on a shopping spree for her new granddaughter, Angelina Rose, her son AJ's daughter. Then Ang confides in Karen that AJ relapsed and is going from Rikers to Rehab. She is worried that if he doesn't stay on track he will end up in Rikers for five years.

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Mob Wives: Karen Gravano AfterBuzz Interview!

Karen's Back!

AfterBuzz TV Aftershow interviewed Karen Gravano on Wednesday night, after Mob Wives aired. Karen had plenty to say too. First she talks at great length about GNATalie and doesn't know what to attribute her problems to. Karen feels it may have something to do with her alleged drug use possibly affecting her brain. Karen discusses how Storm and London both had the same story about what happened at the nightclub the night they met. GNATalie is the one suffering from delusions saying they were being threatened. Karen seems to be a little disappointed in Ang and Drita because they don't seeGNATalie for what she really is . . . trash. Obviously GNATalie doesn't respect them because she keeps talking about Karen and Renee to Ang and Drita and they are supposed to be friends. Karen doesn't allow people to talk about her friends.

Karen says she and Storm are close, he has her back. They have their ups and downs, like any couple, but for the most part things are going well. 

The interview starts around the 6 minute mark and lasts a good ten or more minutes. You will hear Karen's take on what is going on this season. And, the best part of the interview is when Karen is asked will there ever come a time when Gnat isn't running away and Karen isn't chasing her, and they come face to face? Karen says yes! And maybe then Karen will put her in her place!

Video Credit: AfterBuzz TV Aftershow

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Mob Wives: Recap “Drunken Monkey Business,” Ep 502

The Showdown
The last few minutes transcribed at end of blog!

Here we go! The episode should have been called Gnat’s Runaway Mouth!

Karen has been dating Storm for two years and Karina is back in New York with her. Storm produces music and has a studio. Karen is in the music studio and Renee drops by. Renee tells Karen that Drita and Ang didn’t speak to her at the party all because of an outsider, GNATalie. It was very uncomfortable for her until Karen arrived. Maybe Renee would have approached Drita and Ang if they “weren’t so far lost up Gnat’s f*ckin’ ass.”  I want to know where is the loyalty and respect for Renee? Who the hell is GNATalie? She does hair and make-up for dead people. She isn’t even from New York! Drita wants to crack her head open because a crackhead [Gnat] tells her something about Renee. They both agree Drita is wrong for taking Gnat’s word for anything. Karen tells Renee she isn’t worth it, GNATalie is a cop- caller. Karen says Gnat and her boyfriend are complaining Karen threatened their lives on social media from 2,500 miles away in Arizona. And Karen says, Gnat attacked her family over the internet.

Gnat and London chat and Gnat calls Karen a rat five times in less than 30 seconds. He doesn’t want her getting crazy, but Gnat says she is Italian and Sicilian and she doesn’t f*ck around with rats. Hearing Gnat say that almost embarrasses me that I am Italian and Sicilian. She is a disgrace. “Karen lives by her last name, the Gravano name is stamped rat.” Gnat is upset by the disrespect Storm showed her and says she might smack Karen in the face. Well, there are two sides to every story and we can’t believe anything the Gnat says, so we’ll see. Gnat says Storm threatened London and Gnat in a nightclub for offending Karen on social media. London tries to calm her down. It’s not working. Gnat just keeps ranting over Karen, someone she doesn’t even know! London hates it that Gnat is going crazy talking about Karen. Gnat wants him to have her back, but he just wants her to calm down and not overreact. Good luck with that London!

Take her word or mine

Renee has an issue with Drita all because of what Gnat whispered in her ear. Renee is meeting with Drita to try and resolve their issues. Drita is so heated about what Gnat said she can barely drive to meet Renee. Drita is waiting until she hears what Renee has to say because she has known her for along time. They get right into the discussion. Drita tells her, “if you called me a f*ckin’ rat I’m cracking your f*ckin’ head.” Renee is shocked and tells her you can’t believe anything Gnat says. She is trying to ruin their friendship. Renee says you have to take her word or mine. Renee says she was wrong for putting Lee’s name on her mouth, but all she said was why he was in prison. Drita doesn’t know if Gnat can be that crazy to make up something like this. Let me be the first to tell Drita yes, Gnat can be that crazy. She has to find out if Gnat is telling the truth or not. Renee despises Gnat because she has tried to turn people against her that she has known over 20 years. Renee and Drita make amends. Renee wants to try to make amends with Ang too. Drita says maybe she can work it out with Gnat. Renee lets her know that it’ll be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Rat family history! She's a cop-caller!

Karen and Ang drop in to see Drita at Lady Boss. Drita has no problems with Karen and wants to keep it that way. Ang is having a party at the Drunken Monkey and she is inviting Gnat and London. Karen speaks up right away. She doesn’t like this girl, she doesn’t exist in her f*ckin’ life. Karen takes out her phone and reads the tweets Gnat wrote saying Renee is a rat and so is Sammy the Bull, history rat family. She tells them her boyfriend, Storm, warned London to control Gnat. Gnat said she needed 24 hour security against her, an order of protection and she is going to call the cops. She’s a cop- caller. This is the person they are hanging out with. Karen says they know her over 20 years and is she the type to make up stories? She reminds them that they do not know anything about the Gnat. If they stay with trash they will become trash. Karen ends by saying if Gnat has anything to say about Karen’s family that will be the biggest f*ckin’ mistake of her life. I think Karen said it all, but are Drita and Ang listening?

Renee goes to Motor Vehicles to register AJ’s new car and she can’t because he has 6 outstanding tickets totaling 3,000 dollars. He totaled the first car. She calls Karen. Karen tells her he is making bad decisions and it won’t end up well. Renee thinks AJ is keeping secrets. She is afraid he might commit crimes to pay for his mistakes if she doesn’t take care of them. I am worried AJ may be acting out because of all the serious issues he has had to deal with concerning his parents. It’s been overwhelming. Maybe he needs an outside, professional counselor to talk to?

Drita meets with the Gnat. She tells her she met with Renee. Drita tells her what Renee had to say. Gnat asks what do I gain by lying? Gnat tells Drita that since they are developing a friendship she wanted to tell her the truth. Drita can’t figure out who to believe. Drita tells her she also met with Karen and Karen said she was a cop-caller. Gnat says Karen doesn’t know her and she is not a cop-caller. Gnat says Storm came over to talk to her and London in a nightclub and threatened them. London interceded and spoke to Storm. Gnat says Karen comes from a line of rats. Drita says if you have an issue with someone don’t go after their family. Gnat isn’t getting the message to leave family out of her issues with people. Drita says she wants to see how Gnat acts when she is face to face with Karen at the party. That’s the only way to get at the truth.

Renee’s house. AJ needs his mother to pick him up. Renee wants to talk to him about the unpaid tickets, totaling his car and his license being suspended. AJ is annoyed. Renee says he lied to her. Renee feels he has a bad attitude and is reckless. The accident cost her $42,000. Renee feels he is spoiled and defiant. She wants him to go stay with his grandfather for a while because he needs a man’s influence. He doesn’t respect her. She wants him to man up.

Karen and Storm are hanging out. They talk about Drita. Karen feels there is a future in this relationship. Karen tells him that Gnat is talking about him. Gnat says he threatened her and London. Storm says that’s not how it happened at all. He says they were both in the same place and London thought he recognized him. They had a conversation and then Storm told him about his girl [Gnat] disrespecting Karen and her family on social media. He warned him Karen wasn’t going to let it slide. He said things were cool with London and they even exchanged numbers. Everything was fine. Gnat is making up the whole situation. Karen tells him they were invited to Ang’s Drunken Monkey party, but Gnat and London are going to be there. Karen says she hopes Storm has bail money if Gnat gets in her face. I say Karen fans will put up the bail money and she should do what she’s gotta do.

"I'm just trying to keep GNATalie out of trouble.
I don't want no blood bath at my bar!"

Party time! Drunken Monkey 7th year anniversary! Everybody shows up. Ang and Gnat talk about Karen and Storm coming. Gnat gets off to a great start. She says she ain’t scared of nobody and she can handle “Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.” Gnat calls Karen a rat. Ang says she shouldn’t blame Karen for what her father did. Once again Gnat asks who is Karen, with her family history, to be coming after me? Ang is losing it because Gnat doesn’t get it her point, you do not mention family.  When will everyone realize Gnat is as dumb as bricks? Drita shows up. Drita realizes she doesn’t know Gnat that long, but she wants the truth. Ang tells Drita that Gnat keeps mentioning Karen’s family calling them rats. Drita warns her she better not say that to Karen. Ang’s head is spinning. Gnat’s mouth is really out of control. What else is new?

Now Karen and Storm arrive. Gnat is wound up. Gnat wants London there because she is scared of Karen. Karen isn’t paying attention to this dumb b*tch. Gnat doesn’t want to ruin Ang’s party. As soon as Karen enters, Gnat scuttles away like a little cockroach. Storm, Karen and London chat and they are all cool with each other. Drita sees them all friendly and she’s like wait a minute that’s not what Gnat said. London says he doesn’t control Gnat, she does what she wants and it might not always be the best way. Gnat pops up in the conversation. Storm says he don’t talk about people he don’t know. Gnat is very offended, she feels what Storm said was directed at her. Now, because London made her look bad by being a peacemaker, Gnat is blaming Storm for his comment. Storm says London is straight up, no problem.

You didn't handle it! 
Why do you have to be a f*ckin' peacemaker?!?

Gnat is angry with London for not having her back. They go outside to argue, Drita and Ang go outside too. London tells Gnat he handled it and no one got hurt. He tells her to mind her business. When she is talking to women its her business, when he talks to a man it’s his business. Gnat is screaming that Storm just jerked her off! Gnat wants Drita to confirm that Storm jerked her off in front of her man by saying he doesn‘t talk about people he don‘t know. Drita can’t even make sense of what Gnat is saying. Who can? London just wants there to be peace, but Gnat is ready for a fight with somebody. She screams at London, “You shook his f*ckin hand!” Is this nut really serious? She marches into the bar and Drita runs in and gets her out. She tries to talk sense into her saying she shouldn’t talk to Karen when she is so angry at her boyfriend. Drita advises her to leave the men out of it. If she has a problem she should talk to Karen not Storm. Drita says if you approach a guy you’ll get beat up like a guy. Karen decides to go outside to see what is going on. Uh oh.

"I'm Karen"

Here is the best transcription of the last minutes I could get for you!

Karen goes outside. Karen and Gnat go face to face. Gnat gets in Karen’s face and asks about Storm’s remark. “Who does your man think he is threatening me in a nightclub and then wants to jerk me off in front of my man as I approach? I don’t get that.“ Karen calmly says she doesn’t allow people to talk to her like that. Gnat answers, “Who the f*ck are you?“ Karen says, “I’m Karen, who are you?“  Gnat says, “I’m GNATalie.” Karen says, “Watch your mother f*ckin’ mouth with me, I’m gonna lay you the f*ck out!” Gnat says, “Who sends a man to deal with a B*tch fight, who?“ Karen answers, “If you want to say this is a B*tch fight then your man must be a b*tch right?“ Gnat yells, “B*tch, f*ck you.” As Drita tries to get her to stop, Gnat calls Karen a f*ckin’ rat. Karen yells, “You called the cops you dumb b*tch!” And the cops arrive!

Seriously, can I even add my two cents to this? Do I need to? The Gnat speaks for herself. She is dumb as bricks and not to be believed. She doesn’t even have her facts straight. Never watched the previous seasons of Mob Wives. Doesn’t know any of the history. We know more than Gnat! Here is a tweet from last night just to prove the point:

Drita and Karen met on the show?

Gnat thinks Karen and Drita just met! She doesn’t know they were roommates or that Lee was Karen’s boyfriend for seven years before he married Drita. If Drita and Ang cannot see that Gnat is just a lowlife, nasty sh*t-stirrer that’s on them. Renee and Karen have her number and so do we!

Picture Credit VH1

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mob Wives: Karen & Renee Talk Season 5 on OK!

Karen & Renee dish about season 5

Karen and Renee discuss friendship and what it's all about on season 5. Right now all Karen knows is she and Renee are friends. Karen discusses how she "met" GNATalie for the first time on social media. But, she says, after meeting her in person she found her irrelevant. Karen says Gnat saw her for the first time, gets dramatic and runs out. Renee says she is able to deal with the ignorance that comes out of Natalie's mouth, somehow. Renee wishes someone had educated her a little bit more on everything . . . well that's asking a lot Renee. And Karen adds she wanted to fight her verbally, but how do you argue with an ignorant person? The worst of it for Karen is that Gnat goes after her family, people that she loves, and her nature is to attack back and protect them. Neither of them wanted to say a word about "poor, poor, pitiful me," Alicia.

Picture and Video Credit: OK! Magazine

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Karen Calls GNATalie Cop Caller!

Wait a minute. I do not like this girl,
she has no f*ckin' place in my life!

Season 5 starts with a bang when Karen shares her news with Drita and Big Ang!

Karen and Big Ang show up at Lady Boss to pay Drita a visit and shoot the breeze, but things get a little intense when the subject of GNATalie comes up! It seems Ang is having an anniversary party and is inviting everyone except Renee, including GNATalie and London. When Karen hears that she can't keep quiet any longer and starts to fill Drita and Ang in on the Gnat. Drita wants to know what happened between them and Karen pulls out her phone to show them some tweets on twitter. (We did a blog on a few of those here).

Why are you (Gnat) calling Renee a rat?
"Because she is and so is Sammy the Bull!"

Ok, that's it. GNATalie brought Karen's family into the tweets when she was in Arizona and Karen has a score to settle. Drita and Ang are shock to hear this even though they have access to the same Twitter we all do. Karen has a lot more to say about the Gnat, none of it good! When Karen's boyfriend, Storm, warned London that GNATalie better back off from Karen, Gnat said she wanted 24 hour security against Karen, she was going to call the cops and she wanted an order of protection! Drita and Ang sit up and take notice! Karen repeats, she's a cop caller. Drita has a fit. She doesn't hang out with cop callers, she punches them in the face. Karen tells them you know me over twenty years, you know who I am, you don't know who she is. Karen says she is trash. "I'll tell you this, if she tries to address me or has one thing to say about my f*ckin' family that will be the biggest mistake of her life, period." For all her big mouth talk on Twitter, Gnat seems to be afraid of Karen! SWAT!

Picture?Video Credit: VH1

Get More: Mob Wives 5

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mob Wives: GNATalie the Sh*t-Stirrer

Get used to seeing Natalie Didonato
Because she means business!

Last night GNATalie was being her usual self and stirring up some sh*t with Karen Gravano. Karen didn't take the bait. As Karen says, "The b*tch is irrelevant," and we agree. But that doesn't stop her from running her mouth to anyone that will listen. Get a load of these tweets of GNATalie talking sh*t about Karen and her father:

Like we need to hear about Karen's life from a GNAT
when Karen has written a best selling book!

Then she adds this!

We all know Alicia, who plead guilty to embezzling pension funds, is afraid of Karen, that's why she won't film with her. She is hiding behind her family because she won't come face to face with Karen.

Well, Natalie Didonato must have seen these tweets too. After thanking Karen for coming to her Charity Event, Natalie had this to say:

and Karen's thoughts...

Bye, B*tch, Bye!

And I guess the time will come in season 5! So make sure you don't miss an episode of Mob Wives, Wednesday nights @ 9PM on VH1!

P.S. Why is Carla in the middle of GNAT's tweets?

And what does Carla know?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mob Wives: Natalie Didonato VH1 Charity Event!

Renee, Karen and Carla
Guess where they are right now?

Word on the street is that there is a VH1 Charity Event being held right now in Philadelphia at Moshulu! And guess who is attending? Yes, your favorite Mob Wives! Who is hosting? None other than our favorite NEW Philly Mob Wife, Natalie Didonato. A portion of the proceeds raised at this event will be going to Women Against Abuse and Toys for Tots. Natalie has not even been on the air yet, except for the supertrailer, and she is already doing good for her community!

The event has a color theme of gold white and cranberry and as you can see, our lovely ladies are all elegantly coordinated for the event. If I come across more pictures I will post them later!

Karen looking stunning in cranberry!

Enough said!

P.S. I guess this means Carla is really coming back?  You know this event will be filmed!