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Mob Wives: RECAP "Younger Version of the Same Old BS," Ep 606

to be continued . . . 

Marissa got a kick in

The fight between Marissa and Brittany continues with a mini-army of security guards separating the two. They are fighting over nothing says Karen. Brittany makes attempt after attempt to free herself from the guards to attack Marissa. Carla says Brittany "got popped in the forehead." All the ladies try to stop the fight. Brittany calls Renee "a twat" for trying to end the fight. Nice. Marissa is hot under the collar about Brittany getting in her face, while Brittany says she will wait there all night if that's what it takes to fight it out. Drita says she can't fight there with all these people around, it's not like it's a parking lot. So Brittany wants to take it to the parking lot. Where did I see a fight in a parking lot recently? Hmmm

Brittany fought more with security than she did
with Marissa

Karen says Drita acts like Brittany's coach. Marissa says she tried to talk nice, but Brittany was standing and kept getting in her face. This is true, Marissa could not get a word in over Brittany's shouting "fight, fight, fight." Marissa feels threatened and pops her in the forehead. Fight begins! Karen is annoyed with Brittany for not respecting her enough to just have a conversation. After they are separated, Marissa yells over to Brittany that she doesn't want to know Brittany's family because they might call the cops. Marissa tells Karen she is sorry about the fight, she tried to be civil. Karen doesn't blame her. All the blame is on Brittany. She came ready and looking for a fight. Drita understands Brittany. Of course she does, "violence is the answer." Karen says when you get up in someone's face they are going to come out swinging. Carla agrees with Marissa. Karen feels Drita is manipulating Brittany. Marissa says at the end of the day she popped Brittany in the face, she got in a good kick, she came out in tact, and Brittany got thrown out like the trash she is. All's well that ends well if your hair and your boobs are in tact.

And in this corner we have "Rock'em Sock'em" Drita D'Avanzo who is meeting Ang at a building that used to be an old strip club. She is trying to bring back memories for her book. Now this same place is a restaurant. They go in and check out all the remodeling that went on over the years. Drita said she has been shot at and had guns in her face back in the day. Her father must be so proud. Lee used to go there too, but she didn't know him then. Lee doesn't want her to write the book because he closes the door to the past and never looks back. She says he won't read her book. Ang tells her don't let Lee get in her way.

Moving in rules

Renee wiping down the crumbs in her kitchen when AJ and Andrea walk in with their luggage. Their room has been redone for them. She tells them no alcohol and no parties. AJ wants Renee to do the food shopping and cook dinner. Don't forget the snacks!

Marissa goes to see Ang and meet her for drinks. She wants to talk to her about Brittany. Ang tells her she has been going for tests for her health. Ang asks what happened between her and Brittany. Marissa says she walked in pretty and walked out pretty. Marissa says Brittany came with her hair in a braid and kept talking about fighting. Marissa explains when Brittany stood up, she defended herself. Ang says Marissa threw the first punch. Marissa says Ang seems to side with Brittany. Ang shouldn't blame her because of the way Brittany provoked her. Brittany makes her want to hit her. She wants Ang to warn Brittany she will never get the best of her.

Drita meets with Brittany and Andrea, Brittany's mother. Brittany is pissed off about what happened with Marissa and she wants Drita to tell her mother what went down. Brittany said Marissa threw the first punch, it landed but it didn't hurt her. Drita says she is a fighter and a fighter should be able to fight her f*ckin' battles. They are both pissed off at Karen, who was mad because Brittany was looking at Drita. Why can't she look at Drita? Drita says Karen should have called Brittany to see how she is doing. That's loyalty. Wait, what? Look who's talking? Drita is giving friendship advice now? Friends call each other? Did I just hear that? Is that why Drita called Karen to tell her she married Lee? And when "Carla disappeared off the face of the earth," did Drita call and ask how she was doing? Meanwhile, Andrea gets herself all worked up and starts yelling that their families go back 25 years and Karen doesn't have her daughter's back? Respect is earned. Karen should have been in her daughter's corner. They feel Karen chose Marissa's side. Maybe if they watch the episode ten times they will all see that Karen told both girls to talk it out of respect for her, Marissa was trying to talk, Brittany was agitated, not listening and standing over Marissa in her face yelling over her. Oh well.

Ang gets the bad news, all is not well

Ang was called in by the doctor to go over test results. Neil goes with her and he always supports her. The doctor says they saw suspicious nodules in her lung and they have the potential to be cancerous. He wants a specialist in the field to do a biopsy. Ang is disgusted and says she will not go through any more surgeries. She would rather die. She insists she can't do this any more. The doctor insists she needs to take care of her health. She is worried, speechless and scared.

Carla and Karen meet up at Carla's new house. Boxes are all over the place. Every room has to be painted. Karen likes it. Carla wants her to see the before and after pictures. Back to the fight. Carla thinks Brittany was out of control. Carla says Marissa wasn't there to fight in a bikini and heels. Brittany came ready for a fight. Karen told her she wanted them to talk, but Drita pumped up Brittany so much and manipulated her into fight mode. Karen says Drita is trying to put a wedge into her relationship with Brittany. Carla doesn't think that Brittany had any reason to get that upset. Karen says she asked Marissa to talk and she was prepared to talk.

Drita is at her store, talking to prize package Lee on the phone. She tells him about the old strip club she visited. She says Lee would chill there back in the day with three girls at his table. She brings up her book and once again he is disgusted. She wants his support. He is stressing her out by not having her back. He doesn't want her talking about it. She wants him to be happy for her. All of a sudden Lee changes his attitude about the book. Really? Are we supposed to take this whole book thing and Lee's attitude seriously? The best thing I have heard about this book is when Karen told Drita she should start her book, "The day after I met Karen Gravano . . . "

Brittany questions Karen's loyalty

Brittany is meeting up with Karen at a diner, questioning her loyalty and friendship. Brittany seems agitated right from the start. Brittany says she is disappointed. She wanted to fight that girl. She says everyone pumped her up and then told her not to fight.  She feels Karen picked a side and it's with Marissa. Brittany feels Karen has no loyalty to her.  Karen is pissed. She welcomed her to her home, she squashed the situation between her and Renee and she tried to resolve the problem between her and Marissa. Karen asks where is her loyalty? Karen asked her to have a conversation and talk it out, not fight. Brittany says her loyalty to Karen doesn't extend to all the other women. Karen tells her that she asked the same thing of Renee, to respect her enough to leave Brittany alone and she did. Karen said she asked her to sit down and talk, but she was standing over Marissa and ready to fight. Karen says Drita is not Brittany's friend, she is Karen's enemy. Karen says she manipulates people. Brittany says she likes Drita and feels she is the only one who had her back. Karen says she is going to put this behind them and will continue her friendship with both girls. Brittany says she doesn't trust Karen 100%. Karen says the relationship is tarnished and she will keep an eye on her.  It's so ironic that Brittany questions Karen's loyalty over that of flip flopping Drita. Maybe she should have watched all the previous seasons before aligning with the "we're not friends like that anymore" Drita?

Karen says Ang's health issues put
everything into perspective

Ang is meeting with Karen and Renee. She tells them about her CT scan and the spot on her lungs which could be cancer. She says she can't even think about more surgery. She is scared and worried about dying. Ang starts crying, it's heartbreaking. She says everyone in her family relies on her and she doesn't want to worry them so she keeps everything to herself. Karen says you can't be strong for everyone all the time. Karen says this puts everything into perspective, and all the ridiculous fighting over petty Bull Sh*t. Ang says she is drained and mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

Mob Candy is selling T-Shirts to help the cause

We continue to pray for Ang and keep her in our thoughts during her current health crisis and hope she makes a full recovery.

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Mob Wives: Girl Fight Action with Drita D’Avanzo

The language of love

I love the Mob Wives Gods.  Early this morning Undabawse asked me if I saw the videos.  I replied, “What videos?”  Well I get to watch an angry man tell a woman to, “…suck a d*#$…”  over a parking spot.  Honestly I’ve told people to, “suck a diseased d!@# “ for much less.  I know I should be ashamed of myself.


Anywhooooo, I think it’s Lee D’Avanzo.  Please note, I think as I’ve never sucked his pickle.  The balding man makes a call and addresses someone as Drit.  Could this be Lee calling his boo kitten over to beatdown a woman over a verbal disagreement?  Now that’s a winner to hitch your wagon to ain’t it?



Now I cannot 100% type that it’s either one of the D’Avanzo’s.  However, I would bet $20 that it is indeed the sweet, role model of a Staten Island dynamic duo due to the language and the God awful attire the stick figure is wearing. If that isn’t Drita gear I don’t know what the Hell is…..

Is it Wednesday?  It sure in the stoop is and I’ll be watching Mob Wives tonight to get a glimpse of my favorites Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano.

Hey JENNIFER, can Love Majewski and Ramona Rizzo get some air time?  I mean really it is the last season.  VH1 is the network to watch tonight.

P.S. While I was at work TMZ has shared that Drita D’Avanzo has been arrested. Well surprise, surprise…..

Hasta luego,
                    Mob Mistress

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Mob Wives: RECAP "The Sit Down," Ep 605

Ready for a Sit Down?

Drita has to come

Drita struts into the warehouse where the other four ladies have been sitting and waiting since last week. Drita wants the girls to "stop poking the f*cking lion." I guess that's her new persona. I remember when she was a tiger. Renee says the mood of the whole room changed and got dark when Drita entered. Carla starts by saying they were all very good friends at one time in their lives. Karen says that why they are all there because they were friends. Carla says she knows Drita has a problem with her, but Drita isn't saying what it is. Carla says she noticed it when Drita walked out of Renee's Party. Drita thinks that Karen making up with Renee is not normal. Carla says then she heard the whole thing at the parade when Love said something about Drita. Drita says she told Love don't think I'll be ok if you hit Carla in front of me. Ang asks why would you care about Love? Carla yells it's not about Love it's about the f*cking friendship and that's why we are all here to establish the f*cking friendship! Carla says I don't care what she said you said, "you should have said you aren't hitting her whether I'm there or not. But you didn't." And then Carla adds she told Drita something in confidence and she found out she told Ang. Drita says she told Ang because she was worried about her. Renee wants the two of them to admit they were hurt. Drita says the last person that should be trying to get us together is Renee.

A lot of talking, like a reunion show without a moderator!

Not everyone agrees

Drita is upset that Renee and Carla made up when they hated each other. Renee doesn't understand how Drita doesn't get that she and Carla have been friends for 30 years, got into a fight and made up. Drita wants to know what Renee thinks a friend is. Renee explains. Renee calls out Drita for saying she is the core of all the problems. Renee says she is sick of Drita picking on her. Drita says Renee fought with everyone. Karen says Drita fought with everyone. Drita admits she was wrong for saying Renee is the cause of all the problems. Renee says they all have issues bigger than what is going in this room and wants to get to a resolution so they can all be around each other. Renee apologizes for her part. Carla says she was hurt by Drita saying "we aren't friends like that any more." Carla says she considered Drita a good friend. Drita apologizes. They all agree to leave everything in that room and not talk sh*t about each other any more. Everyone is happy. Drita never wants to hear anyone talked about her after this sit down. Frankly, I didn't see any real resolution. I heard a lot of talking over each other, a couple of apologies that came out of nowhere and a "resolution." It was almost like a magic trick that you watch, don't know what happens, but in the end the rabbit comes out of the hat. Hmmmm. Well it's only episode 5 so maybe this resolution will dissolve?

Renee, AJ and Andrea wearing fur coats at minus 5 degrees. Renee wants the kids home with her after she paid for a medium to check out the ghosts. She also wants them to get engaged. Renee is going to bribe Andrea with some of her own bling and AJ with a Rolex. They agree to stay there part time. Renee will settle for that.

Marissa and her boyfriend's sister, August, go to a jean shop. Apparently O.Z.'s birthday is coming up. Marissa tells her about the girls, Karen and Renee. Then she tells her about Brittany who is a flip flopper and hangs with Drita. She doesn't like Brittany, but if she wants to bring the tiger out of her she will get mauled.

Brittany meets with all the girls

But soon gets fed up when she hears 
Marissa is still talking about her

The OG girls go out for drinks and in walks Brittany. Bada Bing Bada Boom. Ang brings up Marissa and tells Brittany Marissa said she is a flip flopper. Carla explains the flip flopping remark is about when they were in the Hamptons and Carla told her Drita said "they weren't friends like that any more." Brittany had plenty to say about it. But, at Ang's party, she hung out with Drita the whole time like they were best friends. Renee says Marissa was thinking Brittany's loyalty should be to Karen. Brittany says she is loyal to Karen. Brittany is fed up with Marissa always talking about her to the these women trying to cause trouble for her. She's always in her business. Renee thinks they should talk it out, it's not that serious. Karen feels she is in a weird position. Brittany's father and her father have a long relationship and she has history with Marissa, so she is caught in the middle.

Carla calls her kids Joseph and Carmen to help her pack. She is moving out of her house she has been in for 13 years. It's too big for her to maintain alone. She says there are so many memories in the house, but she has to move on to better things. Carla calls Joe, her ex, because the kids are acting up. He is really no help.

Marissa and Carla are waiting for Karen and Drita to join them at a restaurant. Carla says she closed on both houses and she is ready to move. Everyone sits down to chat and they are all happy and cool with each other. Marissa throws the "lush" word around for a few laughs, but it gets Drita's attention. Drita wants know what her issue with Brittany is? Why is she calling her a lush and flip flopper? Marissa explains why she called her a flip flopper, she's talking about Drita behind her back one minute and then she is best friends with her the next. Drita points out that Marissa says she doesn't care what Brittany is doing, but she cares enough to talk about her. Karen feels caught in the middle. Drita tells her Brittany said Marissa back paddled on what she said.

Big Ang is visiting Renee and she shows her how she redecorated AJ's room for him and his girlfriend. Ang isn't thrilled with what she sees. She hates the colors. Renee says she smoked a joint and decorated. Ang says "I could tell." Ang decides she has to take over and spruce it up a little to make it nice. Ang tells her don't smoke pot or hang anything ever again.

Karen and Karina go to the salon. Karen tries to spend time with her daughter whenever she can. She has grown up so fast. Karen is very proud of Karina for how well she adjusted to living in New York. Karina thanks her for making her stick it out, now she loves New York. Karina is pursuing a modeling career and it's good for her confidence. Karen tells her how Brittany and Marissa don't get along. They both like Brittany, but Karen wants them to solve their issues.

Carla and Drita see Brittany coming with an attitude

Another get together at a bar with Brittany, Marissa, Renee, Karen, Carla, Drita, Ang. Brittany is going there with an attitude, ready to fight Marissa and it won't take much to set her off.  Brittany arrives and the other ladies are trying to talk Brittany down. Ang and Drita decide take her to another table to talk to her. But Brittany is already fed up with Marissa and ready for a fight. While they are alone Drita tells Brittany that Marissa said "Brittany better be monotone with me." Brittany gets even more agitated. She wants to kick her in the face. She already said too much. Karen says she brought Brittany into the group and wants her to respect her enough to just talk. Karen doesn't like it that they took Brittany off to another table because it looks like they are creating sides, conquering and dividing. Karen goes over and tells Brittany she wants them to squash it in a mature way because she is in the middle. Karen wants her to hear what Marissa has to say. Brittany tells her to "get the f*ck out of here." Brittany is not in the mood to talk. Marissa arrives decked out in her bathing suit and cover-up. Not exactly fighting attire.

At Ang's party Brittany never left 
Drita's side

Brittany tells Ang and Drita when they left the Hamptons they had an understanding for Marissa to keep her name out of her mouth. Ang, trying to calm Brittany down, points out Marissa is not dressed to fight. Brittany says she came in flats with her hair in a braid and she is ready for a fight. Marissa says it's hilarious they had to pull that rabid b*tch aside like she is foaming at the mouth. Karen tries to get them to talk it out respectfully. Marissa agrees. They finally get Marissa and Brittany together  at the same table alone to talk. Karen wants them to have a one on one to talk it out. Brittany immediately asks Marissa what the f*ck her problem is? Marissa says she doesn't have a problem. Brittany confronts her with everything she has been saying about her, including flip-flopper and cheerleader. Marissa says she didn't say cheerleader and tries to explain what she did say. Brittany isn't letting her talk. Brittany calls Renee over to verify what Marissa said. Renee says Marissa never said cheerleader, she did. Brittany tells her you got a problem with me because we could fight. Within seconds Brittany lunges at Marissa and everyone else jumps in to separate them.

Brittany seemed to get a good shot at Marissa
and the cameraman is right there to get it all

And so we wait to see what next week brings. Keep an eye on Twitter, the drama is spilling out into social media!

NOTE: Based on next week's episode we learn that Brittany did not make contact with Marissa at all, but in fact Marissa pops Brittany in the forehead and seems to get a kick in as well before security breaks it up.  See next week's blog!


On a more serious note, some of you may or may not know that Big Ang has had a setback with her health and is fighting cancer once again. We at the blog send our prayers and positive thoughts to Ang and her family.  A special Go Fund Me account has been established to help finance her medical care at Also, the MobCandy store is selling T-shirts to help the cause.

Please take a moment or two in your day to say a prayer for Ang.

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Mob Wives: Karen Wants Sit Down with Gottis

Karen asking for a real sit down not a twitter war.

Here's what Karen said on the show: "this is a plot from them, to sway the judge into making a bad decision.” She adds, "Honestly, I'm so over the Gottis -- always pointing the finger; Sammy this, Sammy that. They need to realize and take responsibilty for what their father did." 

In episode 4 Karen Gravano says she is fed up and tired of the Gottis pointing fingers at her father, Sammy Gravano, for what happened years ago. She says, they never take responsibility for what John Gotti did. When Victoria Gotti, Jr. was on Mob Wives, she mentioned the "Sammy Deal" which she described as cooperating for lighter sentence. And recently, when Karen tried to get her father out under a new early release law, Victoria Gotti, Sr. said Sammy should have gotten a life sentence for violating his deal. Karen has wanted to tell the real story of what happened between her father and John Gotti for years. She says she has the facts to back her up. There are FBI tapes to back her up. There are dozens of articles and books about what happened that led up to Sammy Gravano accepting a plea deal. Sammy says he was prepared to go to jail for life, but after hearing the FBI Gotti tapes and thinking about it for a year, he finally agreed to testify. All of this spilled over to Twitter Friday, and here is what happened:

The Tweet that got it started

and Karen's responses

Referring to John Gotti, Jr.

Referring to Victoria Gotti, Jr.

Karen is 100% right, the history between these two families is too long to deal with on social media in small tweet bites. This requires a real sit down. I don't know how many times Karen has said she would love to address these issues and put all the facts on the table. In Sammy Gravano's 1997 interview with Diane Sawyer, he tells her what happened and why he finally decided to cooperate. Diane Sawyer is professional journalist. She did her homework before the interview. I believe that if Sammy said anything that was not based on truth, she certainly would have challenged it. The explanation starts at the 46 minute mark, but the entire historic interview is well worth watching. 

Of course, such a sit down between the daughters of Gravano and Gotti would be epic and every smart television network would probably be in a bidding war for the rights to produce it and air it. Maybe the Gottis should take Karen up on her offer if they believe they are right?  There may be plenty of money to be made for all involved and the truth can finally come out once and for all. Maybe we can even convince Diane Sawyer to come out of retirement to moderate?

UPDATE: This just in, a new tweet from Karen to Victoria Gotti, Jr.  More facts!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mob Wives: Brittany, Flip-Flopping Or Flipping Off?

Brittany in true Mob Wife form!

We just got around to listening to Brittany Fogarty's interview with AfterBuzz TV Mob Wives Aftershow which took place after episode 4, "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers," aired.

After a little chit chat about the recent blizzard, her modeling, her boyfriend and some family talk they get around to the talking about the show. Brittany feels that the other mob wives don't respect what she has to say because she is the youngest at 25, and doesn't understand. She says that they can't wrap their heads around the fact that someone younger than they are can see through them. Brittany says, her mother, Andrea Giovino, always put her kids first. No matter how difficult life got, Brittany says her mother was a strong woman who never let them see how upset she was and she was more of an idol and inspiration to her growing up. Her father, John Fogarty, wasn't too happy with her joining the show. He didn't want her to be associated with the mob in any way. Her brothers think the show is funny and they laugh about it. Brittany says things were rough in her relationship with her dad, who got out of prison when she was 11. But they are working on their relationship. Her maternal grandmother ran illegal card games for wise guys in the basement her Brooklyn home. She had 10 kids and she would make them hang up their coats and serve them drinks. When Brittany's brother was four, her grandmother bought him a pocketknife for Christmas and taught him how to use it. At 18 months Brittany's family relocated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They often went back to Staten Island to visit family and spend time there. She says she misses LA where she has been living recently.

Now for the episode chat. "Flip-Floppers" in the title refers to Brittany. The interviewer says she understands Brittany's frustration with Marissa because Marissa is just looking for every excuse not to like Brittany. Every episode she takes shots at Brittany. Brittany says she is still trying to figure out why this girl is so concerned with what she is doing and who she is talking to and how much she is drinking. She feels Renee has brainwashed Marissa into not liking her from day one. And if she wants to call her a "lush" she really doesn't care, but it's the antagonist intention behind it and the way she kept saying it to provoke her. Why is she looking to start a problem with someone she doesn't know from a hole in the wall? Brittany and the interviewers feel that Brittany is Marissa's storyline. She says in every scene Marissa is taking about her like she has nothing else to talk about. I have to agree with Brittany on this point. This is exactly what I have seen in the first four episodes. The whole "lush" scene at the Hamptons seemed to irritate the other women and I felt like Marissa was really trying to provoke Brittany into a fight at the pool or at the very least, set the tone for future episodes.

As far as the "Flip-Flopper" thing goes, she thinks the women cannot handle the fact that she likes Drita, it's as simple as that. They ask her how can she explain the way she spoke about Drita in the Hamptons behind her back and then becoming friends with her.  She owns the fact she spoke about Drita behind her back and in looking back she was wrong to do that, she shouldn't have chimed in because she hadn't even met Drita yet. But, she was hanging around a bunch of women who did nothing but talk about her and bad mouth her for weeks so she chimed in. When she met Drita she found her to be a totally different person than the one they described. She liked her right off the bat. She doesn't feel she should have a grudge against Drita for the problems other people had with her. Brittany denies that Drita "took her under her wing." She says the other women talked badly about Drita to influence her, but Drita never spoke badly about any of them to sway her one way or another. If anyone was trying to manipulate her it would be all the other women who tried to convince her not to like Drita. As for Carla saying Drita took her under her wing, Brittany says Carla must be weak to have been manipulated for three years. Ouch! Maybe if Brittany had watched the previous seasons, and seen it with her own two eyes, she would understand where the other women are coming from. Drita has not been loyal and is not "friend" material. Sometimes, when you are young, you have to learn things the hard way. Like Carla said, give it enough time and Brittany will be the new "mothball," especially if she decides to move to LA and disappear. They soon may not be "friends like that any more."

Brittany says she watched the first season of Mob Wives when it aired four years ago. When she was asked to be on the show she made the decision not to go back and watch the other seasons so she wouldn't have preconceived ideas about all the women because those issues have nothing to do with her. She is going to meet them one on one and base her opinions on how they are with her. Now that filming has ended she is still friends with Drita and Ang. She says she enjoys the show.

They ask if she is close with Karen now. Brittany says, "No, oh no." Then adds they got into a twitter war last week.  She says she thinks it's because she formed a friendship with Drita in spite of their efforts to keep that from happening. The interviewers are shocked to hear about the twitter war because Brittany and Karen were getting along great, especially in episode four. Brittany says you have to see how her relationship with Karen plays out. They were friendly in the beginning, but these women are so black and white, it's either team Drita or team Karen and she doesn't see it like that. None of their issues had to do with her. But her friendship with Drita had a lot to do with hurting her relationship with Karen. She says they haven't filmed the Reunion Show yet, but they will be doing that next week. She is looking forward to it. As for how she got on the show, she went through the regular casting process and was hired by Jennifer Graziano, who she thanks. Fans think Karen brought her around and got her the job.

They go over the Twitter War tweets. Karen calls Brittany fake and her story about visiting her father in prison fake. Brittany says that's why people are delusional. Now that they aren't friends she wants to say her whole story is fake, but when they were friends she was saying how close their fathers were. She thinks sometimes people forget what they say. Brittany says it all started when Karen tweeted she had no loyalty because she was friendly towards Drita at the gym. But Drita never said anything bad about her except she had a tanning bed in her house. Brittany didn't think that was such a big deal because it's true Karen had a tanning bed. The interviewer says yes, but maybe Karen is pissed because Brittany started the conversation with Drita and kind of stirred the pot. Brittany agrees but says how can she address the elephant in the room when Drita knows all these women talked about her in the Hamptons? Is she supposed to go in and pretend she doesn't know anything? The fact remains that none of these other women's issues with Drita are her issues, so why should she have a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Drita?

It ends with one of Brittany's quotes: "Be strong, put your lipstick on and get the f*ck out there."

In my opinion Brittany did a great job handling all the questions and her answers came across as truthful from her point of view.

In next week's episode 5, "The SitDown" we are supposed to see how Karen gets dragged into the middle of Brittany and Marissa's issues. Stay Tuned!

To listen to the AfterBuss Interview go to Mob Wives AfterShow

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mob Wives: RECAP "Flip-Floppers and Party Hoppers," Ep 604

The Episode all leads up to this moment!

Drita meets Ang at a fancy restaurant. Drita considers Ang a real friend, the only one who has had her back. I guess Drita forgot all the times Carla had her back? Drita says she is going to put Ang in the book about her life. Ang is a legend in Staten Island. And, of course, she can't leave out all those fights at Ang's Nocturnal Bar. Ang tells her she can't have a bar any more, her bar days are over. No bar, no money. Ang says Neil has to start contributing. Ang tells Drita she is throwing herself a birthday party with all the girls. Even though she is short on money, no expense will be spared. Neil will probably have to work 5 years just to pay for that party. Ang tells her how Carla was freaking out when she found out Drita told Ang about her ex-boyfriend. Ang knows she did it out of concern. Drita is getting hot under the collar and talks about violence again. Ang thinks they can talk at her party and straighten it out. We all know how those party "talks" always end up . . . hair pulling and no cake!

Renee's house. Renee is trying to keep herself in a happy and healthy space. She is gardening and doesn't know what's up with Drita. Karen shows up and says she had a rough weekend. She has problems with Storm. She says while she was out with the girls the phone kept ringing and she didn't see it. It was Storm asking her where she is. Meanwhile, he hangs out all night working at the club and that's okay. He went to Karen's house to wait for her and he had been drinking and acting crazy. He grabbed her phone. Now her phone is broken. He was disrespecting her. Karen feels things are out of control, no coming back from it, it's just over. This isn't the first time there have been problems. The same problems. Maybe couple's therapy is in order here, but I doubt Storm would go for that.

Ang is fed up with paying all the bills

Ang's house. Ang says her bills are piling up. Neil got a second job with her brother in construction, but he still doesn't bring home any money. There is no money coming in, she can't pay the bills by herself. He works every day, but Ang says she has yet to see a pay check. She says he doesn't pay for anything. Neil says she chose to buy expensive things and an expensive house. He says he wants to be with her, but  she doesn't want to be with him. Neil leaves for work. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." Ang should have known that Neil could never support her in the lifestyle the wise guys got her accustomed to on the salary of a sanitation worker. This relationship was doomed form the get go. Neil seems like a nice enough guy if only he could win the lottery.

Karen and Brittany talk about their Dads

Karen reads what Victoria Gotti Sr. had to say
about Sammy's early release

Karen's House. Brittany comes over to visit. They chat about their fathers and how close they were. Karen says Brittany reminds her of herself, they went through similar situations. Their fathers were in jail together, they knew the same people. They were very close and had each other's back. Karen tells Brittany about the early release program and filing papers to get her father out early. But Karen says everyone's got something to say, like Victoria Gotti Sr. who commented about it to the media. Karen is sick of them attacking her father. Karen is so over the Gotti's pointing the finger and they need to take responsibility for what their father did. (If you want to know what really happened back in the day, read Sammy's book "Underboss" or read our blog on his 1997 Interview with Diane Sawyer)

Ang sets up the warehouse sitdown

Manhattan. Drita is sick of people bringing up things from the past. Sure she does, because when you set people up and sell them out you don't want that coming back to bite you in the ass. On the other hand, when she is meeting with an agent about getting her story published, Drita doesn't mind revisiting the past. She pitches her story to an agent. She tells the agent she lived in the projects, she was a soccer player, she chose a bad path at 17 or 18 and got involved with a street guy. She got caught up in shoot outs, got shot at.  She says she came from nothing and never even went to a restaurant. Then she dates someone who lavishes her with expensive gifts and a lifestyle that looked good to her. The agent wants to know if she is going to talk about all this in her book. Drita says she has to. The Agent says Drita has to submit a proposal with some of the stories of her life so she can get a feel for it. The agent says it sounds like an interesting, unique story. The agent better have a ghost writer handy to tackle this book. I want to know if Drita plans to write about Karen in her book after giving her hell for mentioning Lee?

Carla arrives at the warehouse dressed "to kill"

Brooklyn. Carla, Renee, Kim and Etty meet for a meal and wine. Renee wants to fill them in about what's going on, but Carla speaks up. Carla tells them about the Mermaid Parade and all of a sudden there is  Love and she told her what Drita did. Then she found out that Drita betrayed her by telling Ang her business about her ex-boyfriend. Carla feels sad and betrayed. Renee says Drita has a different definition of friendship. Renee thinks it's funny Drita blames her for all the problems when she is starting fights with everyone. Renee mentions Ang's party and they will all be there at the same time. Carla just wants to know what her problem is. I think her problem is guilt for the way she treated Carla after Carla defended her and had her back for three seasons. Only a million viewers were witnesses to that. And then we jump to "we aren't friends like that" and the "mothball" comment. Drita is the only one who can connect those dots.

Renee arrives at the warehouse 

Ang's Party in her sister's yard. "The cancer free, 55th birthday party." She says no way Neil is coming to her party after the argument they had. Renee says she isn't in the mood to see Drita. Carla loves Ang's parties. Karen says they all have issues, but no one has issues with Ang and they are there to support her. Brittany is excited to spend time with all the girls. Drita arrives and isn't happy seeing all the girls there. But, she goes over and kisses Renee and Karen. They seemed shocked. I did a double take. Carla says if Drita wants to speak to her she will have to go over to her. Drita loves the yard.  Marissa goes over to the girls, but isn't happy to see Brittany there.  Drita and Marissa meet when Marissa wishes Ang a Happy Birthday. Drita says Ang told her Marissa said she snubbed her. Marissa reminds her about the details of the incident. Drita says Marissa's boyfriend, Jamie aka O.Z. was like a brother to her so she would never snub his girlfriend. Drita explains that she thought Marissa was with someone she didn't care for or respect at the time. Marissa isn't sure what to think for now.  Drita tells Ang she is a friendly mother f*cker. (Until she isn't.) Got to hand it to Marissa for telling Drita exactly how it is.

Carla is pissed Drita won't go over and talk to her. Don't hold your breath Carla. Ang says the group is divided and they are making no attempt to make up. Ang tells Drita she should talk to Carla. Marissa notices Brittany is hanging out with Drita after all she had to say in the Hamptons about her. Carla is sick of Drita staring at her from across the room. Suddenly, a jerk at the party (who coincidently looks like the stalker that waddled away from Drita's store) says Karen's father is a rat. Karen overhears him and calls him out on it. The guy was shaking in his shoes. Karen wants him to say it to her face not behind her back. He won't repeat it. He looks all around trying to find a way to escape. Karen tells him she doesn't want him to disrespect her father. Of course they have the guy remove from the party before things get out of hand. He was dressed like he was going to a ballgame and didn't even look like he even belonged there. Drita decides she doesn't want to talk to Carla at this point because there is too much drama. I guess that's as good of an excuse as any. Even if they did talk, Drita would have to scream at the top of her lungs to drown Carla out because Carla is in the right and Drita has no good explanation for the way she has been treating her.

Karen takes her seat at the warehouse sitdown

Storm and Karen meet at the park. Karen has reached her stress limit. She is giving him back his stuff, it's in her trunk. They are not seeing eye to eye. Karen gets emotional. He doesn't get it that she needs to express her feelings, they need to communicate. Karen knows they love each other, and they are on the same team, but they have to work on communication and their unresolved issues.

Cabo restaurant. Ang is meeting up with Carla and Marissa to see if they remember what happened at the party because she was so drunk she can't remember anything. Carla asks about Neil. Ang says they aren't getting along. Marissa tells them Drita admitted she snubbed her and apologized. Carla was surprised to hear that. Marissa wants to know how Brittany, who was team KG in the Hamptons, is hanging with Drita when she had plenty to say about her in the Hamptons. Marissa says Drita preys on the weak. Marissa doesn't care for flip-floppers and weak people. Carla says Brittany asked her 100 times if she spoke to Drita. Carla says that's her business. Carla says if she and Drita have a problem they should talk it out. Ang says she is going to take matters in her own hands and straighten all these issues out.

Trouble arrives
Everyone else is inside seated, waiting and peaceful

Ang gets a warehouse from a friend for the sitdown. It's just like the wise guys used to do it. Ang says, "Tonight things are going to change for better or for worse." All the ladies are all going to meet and talk. Karen is going there to back up anything she has said or done. Carla wants them all be under the same roof, in front of each other, to put it all on the table. Renee says she avoided Drita at the party, but tonight the bullying ends. Ang wants to end all these problems and move on. Drita says going to this meeting is like going to a "hornet's nest." She is still calling them fake b*tches. With this attitude how can things not go wrong? Drita arrives last. She is ready for a fight.  Next week everyone has their say! DO NOT miss next week's episode . . . called The Sitdown!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mob Wives: A Pretty Young Drita

A beautiful young Drita back in the day

Once upon a time there was a pretty young thing Drita.

We don’t know if a brown recluse crept up on her pillow at night and took a nip.
We don’t know if it was that time of the month.
We don’t now if it’s a case of hay ever.

A swollen Drita, maybe?

Who knows what happened; isn’t Drita D’Avanso  looking mighty swollen in the picture above?  All we know is she is looking more like one of the Real Housewives of Too Much Work Done Beverly Hills or Orange County.  If you ask me getting too cosmetic surgery is just real stoopid to me.  You didn’t.  So I’ll just end with I am fat and homely so what would I know about beauty on the outside?


In other important news, I am very sad.  Chiara is refusing to make me a gray scarf. Don’t miss Mob Wives tonight on VH1 9:00 PM unless your central and I think it’s 8:00 PM.  I don’t know about you but I am really enjoying this season of Mob Wives.  In all honesty I can do without the new girls.  They seem to be trying too hard and beyond petty.  Chiara did interview Marissa here.  Chiara said she thought Marissa was smart, savvy and a very nice young lady.

Note: The wrong picture of "young" Drita was inadvertently posted earlier and has now been corrected.  The top picture is Drita in High school.

MM’s note: I think the 1st picture was Drita and the second picture has been always questionable.  HENCE the maybe?  Between all the outside “help” I’m confused.  Back to bons bons and Judge Judy I go.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek "Flip-Flopper & Party Hoppers" Ep 604

A new sneak peek was just released by VH1 for Wednesday night's episode.  You may recall that Karen was trying to get her father, Sammy, released early under a new law. And in one episode, when Victoria Gotti was talking to Ang, she mentioned the "Sammy Deal" which she explained meant turing informant for a slap on the wrist. As far as I know, no such expression exists or has been posted online. In the scene above, Brittany and Karen discuss Karen's plans to get her father out of prison early. Then Karen opens the newspaper and reads what Victoria Gotti Sr. had to say about Sammy's release. Needless, to say Karen was not happy. Watch this scene and see what you think.

Link to news story: Victoria Gotti Speaks Out!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mob Wives: Karen & Brittany The Last Straw

Back in better days

Karen Gravano introduces Brittany to the rest of the cast in Season 6 Mob Wives, "The Last Stand." Karen knows Brittany because both of their fathers are friends and did time together. There is a family tie there. Karen also relates to Brittany because she was in her shoes twenty years ago. Both of their fathers cooperated and the girls were being judged for it. Karen seems to take Brittany under her wing and, while they were filming, we saw many pictures of them together hanging out and having a good time. Something changed all that and last night we saw what it was. 

Brittany decides to befriend Drita. Despite her friendship with Karen and everything Karen and the others have told her, she decides to throw caution to the wind and hang out with Drita. She likes Drita even though she just met her and knows her for all of five seconds. She disrespects her friendship with Karen and shows she has no loyalty to her at all. Last night, after a whole season of filming, Karen and Brittany exchanged a few ugly tweets. Here, in the "Twitter After Show," is the nasty little twitter war for you to read.

First Brittany accuses Karen of not knowing Marissa

Karen sees just how loyal Brittany is

Karen decides to put the truth out there

Karen is in BLUE, Brittany is in GRAY

Brittany has a "mind of her own" and she made her choice loud and clear. Let's see how long this friendship with Drita lasts, maybe as long as season 6 . . . then Brittany may become the NEW "mothball" and they won't be friends "like that" any more.